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Bootleg Bonanza: Counting Crows – True Heart Bootleg their latest album Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings I rediscovered how good the Counting Crows really are. This, of course, made me seek out some bootlegs. This one comes from a recent show, but I’m afraid I don’t have the date or actual source material. I got it straight off of a torrent site, which means I got it in mp3 form and without details.

Still it is a good show and well worth checking out.

Goodnight Elizabeth
Round Here
Anna Begins
Ghost Train
Children in Bloom
Time and Time Again
Rain King
Perfect Blue Building
Mr. Jones
A Murder of One
Wise Blood

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Bootleg Bonanza: m. ward, Jim James and Conor Oberst – Live in 2004

I’ve been really enjoying giving away some free music around here, but the truth is it is very time consuming and kind of a pain in the but.  See, I have to sort through hundreds of e-mails, listen to even more songs, find the ones I like, then download them/record them, upload them and then post them.  For the most part I dig it because I find some cool tunes, but does get tiresome.  I’m still going to try to do it a couple of times a week, but I have now decided to do something else.

I’m a huge bootlegged concert fan, and I have a pretty large (and ever expanding) collection.  I’ve written a number of reviews and hope to continue to do so.  In fact I’d really like to make this site a much more bootleg friendly thing, but I have to not be so lazy for that to happen, and we all know how much I like being lazy.

Anyways, it is pretty easy to find a couple of bootleg tracks I like and post them to the site, so that’s what I’m doing.  I even gave it a goofy little name – Bootleg Bonanza – and will try to continually upload some cool live songs from time to time.

First up is a concert from 2004 featuring m ward, Jim James and Conor Oberst.  Apparently they did a gig together where the three of them played separately, and solo, and then did a few songs together in the end.  Good stuff all around.

Girl From the North Country
At the Bottom of Everything
Always on My Mind
Let’s Dance

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