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Bootleg Bonanza: Bill Frisell – Live In Brooklyn (10/25/97)

Download MP3@224 kps

Gimme A Holler
One of These Days
Mr. Memory
Go Jake
We’re Not From Around Here
Lookout For Hope/intro of band
Keep Your Eyes Open
Cluck Old Hen
Egg Radio
Wildwood Flower
I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry

Players:   Bill Frisell: guitar, Jerry Douglas: dobro, Victor Kraus: bass

Comments:  “Arts At St. Ann’s In Brooklyn” Church of St. Ann and the Holy Trinity, Brooklyn, New York

WFUV radio broadcast

This amazing group celebrated the “Nashville” release. This is one of only four shows the Nashville Trio played, all in October of 1997.

I’ve only recently discovered the wonder of Bill Frisell but I landed a pretty good block of live shows from him through the Philzone community.

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Bootleg Bonanza: Warren Zevon – 1978-07-27 – The Record Plant

Download MP3@184kpsOr go to the Archive for FLACs.01. [intro]02. Johnny Strikes up the Band03. Tenderness on the Block04. Mohammed’s Radio05. Excitable Boy06. Werewolves of London07. Accidentally Like a Martyr08. [band intros]09. Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner10. Poor Poor Pitiful Me11. Lawyers, Guns and MoneyEncore12. I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

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Bootleg Bonanza: AC/DC – Bon's Gone But His Boots Live On

Various Locations
1976 – 1980

Download FLAC: Disk 1, Disk 3, Disk 3
Download MP3@320: Disk 1, Disk 2, Disk 3
1.1988.02.00 – Australian Radio Interview with Angus
2.1977.01.30 – Jailbreak – Sydney, Aus – Haymarket
3.1977.01.30 – The Jack – Sydney, Aus – Haymarket &
1979.07.13 –Arnhem, Holland – Rijnhallen
4.1977.01.30 – It’s a Long Way To The Top – Sydney, Aus – Haymarket
5.1977.01.30 – High Voltage – Sydney, Aus – Haymarket
6.1977.01.30 – Can I Sit Next To You Girl – Sydney, Aus – Haymarket
7.1976.03.06 – Little Lover – London, UK – BBC Studios
8.1976.07.10 – Soul Stripper – London, UK – Marquee
9.1976.07.31 – Rock and Roll Singer – Birmingham, UK – Barbarellas (aud)
10.1976.10.15 – School Days – Brussels, Belgium – Cirque Royal (aud)
11.1977.01.07 – Love Song Intro > Dirty Deeds
Hobart, Tasmania – City Hall (aud)
12.1977.04.17 – She’s Got Balls – Amsterdam, Holland – Jaap Edenhall (aud)
13.1977.02.00 – Interview with Bon Scott – Adelaide, Aus

1977 – 1979
1.1977.09.03 – Hell Ain’t A Bad Place to Be – SF, CA – Old Waldorf
2.1977.09.03 – Kicked In The Teeth Again – SF, CA – Old Waldorf
3.1977.09.03 – Up To My Neck In You – SF, CA – Old Waldorf
4.1977.09.07 – Baby, Please Don’t Go – Ft. Lauderdale, FL – 4 O’Clock Club
5.1978.05.05 – Down Payment Blues – Newcastle, UK – Mayfair (aud)
6.1978.07.15 – Angus flips out at stupid fan – Fresno, CA – Selland Arena (aud)
7.1978.09.10 – Dog Eat Dog – Columbus, USA – Veterans Memorial
8.1978.09.10 – Gone Shootin’ – Columbus, USA – Veterans Memorial
9.1978.09.10 – Sin City – Columbus, USA – Veterans Memorial
10.1978.10.23 – RnR Damnation – Nijmwegen, Holland – Vereeniging
11.1978.10.23 – Whole Lotta Rosie – Nijmwegen, Holland – Vereeniging
12.1978.10.28 – Problem Child – Colchester, UK – University of Colchester
13.1978.10.28 – Rocker – Colchester, UK – University of Colchester
14.1979.05.22 – Riff Raff – Nashville, USA – Tennessee Arena (aud)
15.1979.07.13 – Highway to Hell – Arnhem, Holland – Rijnhallen

1.1979.10.16 – Live Wire – Stage College, Towson, MD
2.1979.10.16 – If You Want Blood – Stage College, Towson, MD
3.1979.10.16 – Shot Down In Flames – Stage College, Towson, MD
4.1979.11.02 – Bad Boy Boogie – London, UK – Hammersmith Odeon
5.1979.11.02 – Girls Got Rhythm – London, UK – Hammersmith Odeon
6.1979.11.02 – Let There Be Rock – London, UK – Hammersmith Odeon
7.1979.11.02 – Walk All Over You – London, UK – Hammersmith Odeon
8.1979.12.03 – T.N.T. – Berlin, Germany – Eissporthalle (aud)
9.1980.02.19 – The Death of Bon Scott Radio Report
10.1980.02.20 – Scotland Yard Radio Report
11.1980.02.25 – Countdown Remembers Bon Scott
12.1988.02.00 – Angus Remembers Bon Scott
13.BONUS 1976.12.12 – Baby Please Don’t Go
Sydney, Aus – Hordern Pavillion
14.BONUS 1978.08.05 – Gone Shootin – Chicago, IL – Comiskey Park (aud)
15.BONUS 1980.01.25 – Let There Be Rock – Newcastle, UK – Mayfair (aud)
(Bon’s last AC/DC song from his 2nd to last gig and last surfaced recording) (aud)

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Bootleg Bonanza: Bruce Springsteen – Austin 1975

Thanks to Quality Boots for the show, and you should head over there for the uncompressed FLAC
Or click here for the MP3s @320kps.
And here’s the back cover.


Whoopy Cat Silvers> EAC Secure Mode> Flac Frontend Level 8

From Brucebase:
Soundboard tape – Kitty’s Back includes the “Spaceship” story which runs for 3.45!
and the track fades out at the end. CD release “Austin 1975”

Disc #1
5)GROWIN’ UP (3.04)
8)SHE’S THE ONE (4.33)
9)BORN TO RUN (4.06)

2)KITTY’S BACK (17.10)(fades)
4)ROSALITA (10.26)
5)4TH JULY ASBURY PARK (SANDY) (start cut)(5.00)

I just got this myself, so I’ve got nothing to say about it, except that it sounds like an utterly epic show.

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Bootleg Bonanza: Wilco – Tanglewood (8/12/08)

Download MP3@256kps

Either Way
Remember The Mountain Bed
Muzzle of Bees
You Are My Face
Impossible Germany
A Shot in the Arm
jeff talks
What Light*
California Stars*
Pieholden Suite*
Handshake Drugs
Pot Kettle Black
Summer Teeth
Jesus, etc.
Poor Places>
Spiders (Kidsmoke)
Set II
Can’t Stand It*
Hate It Here*
I’m The Man Who Loves You*
Encore #2:
The Late Greats*
Heavy Metal Drummer
Outtasite (Outta Mind)*
I’m A Wheel
* w/ the Total Pros horn section

Wilco are by and far my favorite band making music today. Each album is a revelation. They absolutely bring it live. I got nothing against Jay Bennett or his contributions to the band but freaking Nels Cline is nothing short of genius. I’ve caught them three times live, and I’ll see them every time I can without fail.

This is a nice, long show from the end of last year. Several songs are with the Total Pro Horns who add some interesting sounds to the set. I’m not sure I’d want them playing in every show, bu they do create some interesting noise.

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Bootleg Bonanza: R.E.M. – Gravity

Download MP3@128kps

Academy fight song
Begin The Begin
Disturbance Heron House
Exhuming McCarthy
Feeling Gravity’s Pull
Finest Worksong
Get Up
I Believe
King of Birds
Perfect Circle
Pop Song ’89
Pretty Persuasion
Swan Swan H
Turn You Inside Out
Welcome To The Occupation
You are the everything

I am a fan of recorded live music. I have thousands of hours of live concerts on CD and on my hard drive. That’s what I’ve been doing here lately – sharing recorded live music. Recordings of live music is nothing new. People have been recording concerts for as long as the technology has allowed. The Internet has simply made acquiring copies easier.

For nearly as long as people have been recording concerts, some nefarious buggers have been profiting from it. Certainly there are always official releases, supported by the band, but there are also unofficial, illegal recordings that make it into record shops for sale at a jacked up price. From these folks, the band sees nothing, and the fans pay through the nose.

Again the Internet has slowly been stamping this out, but some people don’t seem to realize the abundance of concert recordings available for free, and they keep tossing their hard earned dollars towards thieves. Luckily for the masses there are some cool folks who take these illegal bootlegs, burn multiple copies of them, and make them available for free to anyone who wants them.

Call these things liberated bootlegs and get on the bus. This show right here was one that was liberated. The bootleggers labeled it Gravity and and subtitled it Live in the USA, and sold it for a mint. The liberators called it the same thing and gave it away for nothing. Unfortunately the guys trying to steal your money aren’t so good in labeling their products, so there is no date on it. From the set list you can assume it came during the Green tour and given the quality I might guess it came from a radio show. Other than that I have no other information. If anyone out there knows more about the show leave a comment. Otherwise, enjoy!

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Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Robert Plant & Alison Krauss – Live at Bonnaroo (06/15/08)

Download FLAC: Rapidshare
Download MP3@320: Rapidshare
Download Sample MP3: Goodbye and So Long

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
Bonnaroo Music Festival
Manchester, TN

Rich Woman
Leave My Woman Alone
Black Dog
Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us
Through The Morning, Through The Night
So Long Goodbye To You
Fortune Teller
In The Mood
Black Country Woman
Bon Temps Roulez
Trampled Rose
Green Pastures
Down To The River
The Battle Of Evermore
Gone, Gone, Gone (Done Moved On)
One Woman Man

I’m one of the few people I know who didn’t particularly care for Raising Sand. I had high hopes for it, though as I think about it I’m not sure why (I’m not much for Led Zeppelin, I know very little of Robert Plant as a solo artist, and while I love Krauss’ voice, her songs I usually find to be lousy.) Perhaps it was the hype, or perhaps I dug the idea of an old rocker teaming with the bluegrass queen. Whatever the reason, the record never did it for me.

I like parts of it, some of the songs are good and intellectually I dig the match-up plus the use of old blues numbers, but at the emotional gut level it leaves me kind of flat. The brooding, dark production didn’t help either. Every song felt like death knocking at the door. Which was maybe the point, but it sure didn’t make me want to listen.

This concert though, I like a lot more. The dark production is still there, but less so. In a live setting the songs breath a little more, the Tennessee sun is allowed to shine just a bit. Or maybe they just scatter in a few uptempo songs.

I particularly like their take on a couple of old Zeppelin songs. Listen closely to “Black Dog” it is less godofthunder then the original but a lot more spooky.

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Bootleg Bonanza: Robert Earl Keen – Live at Strawberry (10/01/00)

Download MP3 @224kps

Dreadful Selfish Crime
The Coming Home Of The Son And Brother
Night Right For Love
Down That Dusty Trail
Tom Ames’ Prayer
Shades Of Gray
Amarillo Highway
Corpus Christi Bay
Traveling Light
Band Intro
Whenever Kindness Fails
Lonely Feeling
The Road Goes On Forever
I’m Going To Town
Ding Dong Daddy From Dumas
Road To No Return/Carolina
New Life In Old Mexico
Conclusion: Road to No Return
I’m Coming Home
The Buckin’ Song
The Five Pound Bass
Encore #2

I’ve actually already reviewed this show in the Bootleg Country, but now I’ve got the MP3s to share. The sound is excellent, and the show is darn fine.

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Bootleg Bonanza: Uncle Tupelo – Live at the Vic (10/15/93)

Download @128kps

Uncle Tupelo
The Vic Theatre
Chicago, IL

Fifteen Keys
Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down
True To Life
Watch Me Fall
The Long Cut
Atomic Power
New Madrid
Acuff Rose
Steal The Crumbs
We’ve Been Had
Give Me Back The Key To My Heart
Looking For A Way Out

E: Life Worth Livin’
Truck Drivin’ Man
E2: Sin City
Suzie Q

I came to Uncle Tupelo backwards. I love me some Wilco, but I came to them late. Though I bought Being There when it came out, it wasn’t until well after Yankee Foxtrot Hotel came out that I became a fan. In fact it was actually after A Ghost is Born was released that I became a fan, but it was YFH that made me the fan, if that makes any sense. After I found salvation through that album, I gobbled up all the previous Wilco albums and then started making my way through Uncle Tupelo.

I love both bands, but I especially love the transformation Tweedy has made over the years. He went from alt-country pioneer to alt-rock hero and back and again. I’ve paid less attention to Jay Farrar and Son Volt, but I kind of dig them, too.

This show is towards the end of the bands career. In a few short months, in fact Jay would declare himself out of the band, though he would continue to tour with them through most of 1994. If their was tension in the band, and by all accounts there was, I don’t hear it here. It’s great music, plain and simple.

The quality is great. A nice warm soundboard with some good audience noise.

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Bootleg Bonanza: The White Stripes – Jack White's Kitchen, Vol. 1

Download MP3s @Various kps: Mediafire

Jack On Fire – (2005-09-21 Boston MA)
Oh Well (Jacks Prayer) (2003-07-02 Chicago IL)
Everywhere I Go, I’m Jack (2003-04-15 Detroit MI)
Blackjack Davey (2005-09-10 Columbus OH)
God Makes No Mistakes (2003-10-22 Tokyo Japan)
I Just Can’t Keep From Cryin’ (2005-07-28 Pomona CA)
Red Death At 614 (2004-08-21 Pukkelpop, Belgium)
Sams Place (2004-08-21 Pukkelpop, Belgium)
Five String Seranade (2003-04-30 San Diego CA)
The Air Near My Fingers (2003-07-02 Chicago IL)
Mr Cellophane (2003-05-30 Vienna Austria)
This Protector (2004-08-01 Naeba Japan)
Shoofly > Apple Blossom (2004-08-01 Naeba Japan)
Handsprings (2004-08-21 Pukkelpop, Belgium)
Truth Doesn’t Make A Noise (2005-09-21 Boston MA)
Death tease>If I Had Possession
Over Judgement Day (2005-08-24 St Louis MO)
I Wanna Be Your Dog (2003-10-22 Tokyo Japan)
Wasting My Time (2003-05-30 Vienna Austria)
You Belong To Me (2005-09-22 Boston MA)
Cold Brains (w/ Beck) (2005-08-17 Los Angeles CA)
Walking With A Ghost (2005-09-16 Toronto ON)
I’m Finding It Harder To Be A Gentleman >
Whispering Seas (2005-07-03 Prague Czech Rep)
One More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Below) (2005-09-30 Detroit MI)
Cannon tease > Take Take Take (2005-08-24 St Louis MO)
Broken Bricks > Jambalaya (2005-09-22 Boston MA)
Don’t Blame Me (2003-04-20 Boston MA)
I’m Bored (2001-09-22 Ashville NC)
Do (2005-09-16 Toronto ON)

Our little chat about Jack White in the Raconteurs got me thinking about this set. You can see from the setlist it is a compilation of various things. It is something like a rarities/b-sides set of songs all done live of course. Sound quality varies from great to close to poorly. If you dig him though, this has some cool stuff.

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