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Bootleg Bonanza: Paul Simon – BBC Radio (05/25/06)

Paul Simon
UCL Bloomsbury Theatre
London, UK

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Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes
Slip Slidin’ Away
You’re The One
Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard
How Can You Live In The Northeast?
The Boxer
Father And Daughter
Loves Me Like A Rock
Wartime Prayers

UCL Bloomsbury Theatre, London 25th May 2006
FM Broadcast BBC Radio 2 21.00-22.00 Saturday 3rd June 2006
Presented by Paul Gambaccini

After a day of posting bands I don’t that much enjoy, here’s a guy I truly love. One of the great songwriters of the last hundred years. This recording is phenomenal. Recorded for a radio show and you can really tell he’s tossed out all the stops and tried to make this show something special. And it is. The “Diamonds” opener gives me chills, and it gets better from there. If you are a fan, this is a must-have.

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Bootleg Bonanza: She & Him – Newport Folk Festival (08/02/08)

She & Him
Newport Folk Festival
Newport, Rhode Island

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Black Hole
I Was Made For You
Change Is Hard
Sentimental Heart
Stage Banter
You Really Got A Hold On Me
Take It Back
The Garden Rose (with Becky Sharp)
Lingering Still
Got Me
I Thought I Saw Your Face Today
Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?
Magic Trick (with Jim James)
This Is Not A Test
Sweet Darlin’

She & Him is the super-group duo consisting of alt-rock stalwart m. ward and actress Zooey Deschanel. They have thus far released one album, aptly titled Vol. 1, which of course promises a Vol. 2 in the near future. It was pretty universally praise by critics, but left me less than enthused. The album is essentially indie darling making bubblegum pop, which is, rather, decidedly cool, but never really meshed for me. I can’t exactly say why except that bubblegum pop generally doesn’t do much for me. It is often fun and enjoyable, and sometimes sad, but as the name implies it isn’t out for emotional depth. Or maybe it is that the album seems like long form irony and I’m simply not getting it. Both performers do admirably well on the album, and I’m certainly not slagging those who love it, but I generally take a pass.

This show does nothing to make me a fan, and I wouldn’t put it alongside my favorite live performances ever, but it is a strong showing of what you find on the album, with some flourishes. If you loved the album, you will likely fall in love with this recording. I believe it comes from an NPR stream, and the sound is high quality.

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Bootleg Bonanza: Alanis Morissette – The Hands of Love

Alanis Morissette
Gloria Event Theater
Cologne, Germany

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All I Really Want
Right Through You
You Learn
A Man
Precious Illusions
21 Things
You Oughta Know
Hands Clean
Head Over Feet
So Unsexy
Thank You

I’ve had something of a love/indifferent relationship with Alanis. When she first made it big, I very much didn’t like her. “You Oughta Know” always seemed like just another angry woman angry over a man who done her wrong, and using risque lyrics to draw attention. But then over spring break I made the long trip from Alabama to Oklahoma and back again and Alanis was all over the radio. Even I had to admit that “Ironic” and “Hand in my Pocket” were crazy catchy and a lot of fun. From there I had to decide to give up not-liking her and enjoy the songs for what they were – fun pop.

Since then I have enjoyed her hits, but not bought her albums or paid too much attention to her.

This is a really well played, totally rock-out show. The sound is really good too, except for the low kps rate. Sorry about that but this is how I obtained it. Still for those who don’t care so much about those things, it is quite excellent.

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