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Bootleg Bonanza: Natalie Merchant – Belgium (05/10/10)

Download MP3@320kps: Part I, Part II, Part III

My Macbook hard drive crashed a few days ago. Luckily my music is saved on my external drive and so I didn’t lose any of that (unfortunately I did lose several thousand photos, but that won’t have any effect on the blog.) However since I use iTunes to sort/play my music I’ve not been able to upload anything this week.

Until now.

My desktop computer still works but it doesn’t have any speakers. I was able to torrent this show on it, but I have yet to be able to actually listen to it. Still, I thought I’d share. Yet fair warning, I have no idea if the recording is any good, and the files are not labeled very well (they have track numbers but no song titles.) If you haven’t heard Natalie’s newest album, Leave Your Sleep, I highly recommend it. This show contains a lot of songs from it, and it looks like she does a lot of talking about the album and the writers of the poetry she used for lyrics. Anyways enjoy the show, and I hope to have my new hard drive running later this week.

Natalie Merchant
May 10, 2010
Ancienne Belgique, Belgium
First show of a short euro tour

Musicians: Mary Wooten, cello
Gabriel Gordon, guitar
Erik Della Penna, guitar

(talk) intro + Robert Graves
Vain and Careless
(talk) Laurence Alma Tadema
If No One Ever Marries Me
(talk) Charles Edward Carryl
The Sleepy Giant
(talk) Mother Goose
The Man in the Wilderness
(talk) Nathalia Crane
The Janitor’s Boy
(talk) Edward Lear
Calico Pie
(talk) Arthur Macy
The Peppery Man
(talk) about the album Leave Your Sleep
Nursery Rhyme of Innocence and Experience
E.E. Cummings
Maggie and Milly and Molly and May
Indian Names
(talk) Christina Rossetti
Crying, my Little One
(talk) Gerard Manley Hopkins
Spring and Fall: to a young child
(encore) (talk) Robert Louis Stevenson
The Land of Nod
Cowboy Romance
Break Your Heart
Tell Yourself
Kind & Generous
From the Time You Say Goodbye

Notes from the taper:
Issues: had the -15db pad on, big mistake as the show was quite quiet.
Have had to add some gain back in using WaveEditor, have reduced applause to try to match, but it’s still a little high.
Good news: very respectful audience, so not too much talking during tracks

Notes: For the first set and the first track of the encore, Natalie introduced each poem-song
from with information on the poet. I have separated each intro into a track.

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  1. Thanks greatly for this – can’t wait to listen. Appreciate the time to share it.

    Comment by LD | December 25, 2010 | Reply

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