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Bootleg Bonanza: John Lennon & Yoko Ono – Have You Had Your Breakfast Yet? (06/8/71)

john lennon have you had your breakfast yet

Download MP3@320kps: Mediafire

John Lennon & Yoko Ono
Live on WPLJ-FM

Source: “Have You Had Your Breakfast Yet?” (Black Cat BC 038).

1. Meeting Celebrities
2. We’ve Got Until Tuesday
3. A Lot Of Chopped Heads
4. I Wouldn’t Have Missed Any Of It
5. Let’s Play A Record
6. Caller One
7. Shut Up, You Bitch!
8. My Mummy’s Dead/Don’t Worry
9. There’s Two Books
10. That Apple Jazz
11. That Was One In Ten
12. Mother/Why
13. Any Sound Is Interesting
14. A Very Healthy Thing
15. A Typical Couple
16. Caller Two
17. A Summons In The Morning
18. Caller Three
19. Donating To The Wildlife Fund
20. Caller Four
21. Caller Five
22. Expectations
23. Caller Six
24. Grapefruit Reading
25. Caller Seven
26. Caller Eight
27. Caller Nine
28. Caller Ten
29. The Other Solo Albums
30. Caller Eleven
31. Caller Twelve
32. Caller Thirteen
33. Unreleased Beatles Material
34. The Village Scene

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Bootleg Bonanza: Bill Clinton – Prague, Czech Republic (01/11/94)

bill clinton jam session

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Bill Clinton
Reduta Jazz Club
Prague, Czech Republic

Source: An unknown lineage (sounds like a radio broadcast or a very good audience recording)

1. Introduction
2. Summertime (G. Gershwin)
3. My Funny Valentine (R. Rodgers)

Total time = 17:18

Bill Clinton – tenor saxophone
Jan Konopasek – baritone saxophone
Stepan Markovic – tenor saxophone
Stanislav Macha – piano
Robert Balcar – bass
Pavel Zboril – drums
Juraj Bartos – trumpet

Yep, this is literally a Presidential bootleg. Bill Clinton blowing his horn on a visit to the Czech Republic. Its not bad, actually. I mean it certainly isn’t something I’ll actually throw on for more than a joke, but it could have been much, much worse all things considered.

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Bootleg Bonanza: The Grateful Dead – University Park, PA (05/06/80)

jerry garcia

Download MP3@320kps: Part I, Part II

Grateful Dead
Recreation Hall Penn State University
University Park, PA

Lineage: sennnheiser 421 > nak 550 fob analog mastering AND
analog to digital by rob eaton. dat > cd was sony pcm r-700 >
hhb cdr-800

Disc One:
Set 1
Alabama Getaway >
Greatest Story Ever Told
Me And My Uncle >
Big River
Far From Me
Lazy Lightning > Supplication

Disc Two:

Lost Sailor >
Saint Of Circumstance
Set 2
China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider

Disc Three:

Feel Like A Stranger >
He’s Gone >
The Other One >
Drums >
Space >
Wharf Rat >
Around And Around >
Johnny B. Goode

Brokedown Palace

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Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – H.O.R.D.E (07/17/97)

neil young

Download MP3@320kps: Part I, Part II

Download FLAC version here.

Neil Young
H.O.R.D.E Tour
Shoreline Amphitheater
Mountain View, Ca USA
Jul 17 1997

Schoeps MK4 w/ RBox 16 Bit 48K.
Recorded from section 102 rows K,L, M or N dead center

Set 1
Heart Of Gold
Buffalo Springfield Again
The Needle And The Damage Done
Out On The Weekend
Long May You Run

Set 2
Cinnamon Girl
Big Time
Throw Your Hatred Down
Hippie Dream
From Hank To Hendrix
Look Out For My Love
Like A Hurricane
Roll Another Number
Slip Away
Crime In The City

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Bootleg Bonanza: Norah Jones – Berlin, Germany (06/20/04)

norah jones

Download MP3@320kps: Multipupload

Thanks as always go out to Young Blood/Man of the Hour for the Norah Jones.

Norah Jones
Berlin, Germany

Turn Me On
Those Sweet Words
What Am I To You
Moon Song
The Prettiest Thing
In The Morning
Carnival Town
Don’t Miss You At All
Painter Song
The Long Way Home
Don’t Know Why
Creepin’ In
Above Ground
I’ve Got To See You Again
Come Away With Me
Life Is A Carnival *
Seven Years
Tennessee Waltz

Broadcast live on FM Radio1.
* The Band cover

My man slipped me a whole slew of Norah Jones shows this past week (and I’ve been slowly leaking them to you) so I’ve been listening to her a lot lately. Absolutely love her, but after listening to maybe half a dozen of her bootlegs I have to admit they mostly sound the same. I mean they sound amazing, but there isn’t a whole lot of difference between each show.

This show, however seems a little different. Maybe its because its from 2004 (and not 2007 which is what I’ve been listening to, mostly) and thus her setlist doesn’t have anything in it from her last two albums. Maybe the band is composed of some different players too. I don’t know exactly what it is but this one sounds different. Its a little more twinkly and perky. The shows from 2007 sound more laid back, more lull me to sleep (in an absolutely brilliant sort of way) while this one sounds more, well not more rock and roll, but more lively.

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Daily Bootleg Links: Queen – Bootleg Race, Japan 1979, John Coltrane Quintet – Newport Jazz Festival (07/01/61), Paul Westerberg (11/05/04)

queen bootleg race

Bootleg Race
Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 1979
Download FLAC/MP3@Viva Les Bootlegs

John Coltrane Quintet
Newport Jazz Festival
1 July 1961
Download MP3@Jazz Blues & Co

Paul Westerberg
Minneapolis, MN
Download MP3/FLAC: TUBE

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Bootleg Bonanza: The Fall – London, England (09/15/79)

the fall

Download MP3@320kps: Mediafire
I posted the Lossless version here.

The Fall
London, England

DISC 1 (46:25)

01 Psykick Dancehall……………………(4:08)
02 Rebellious Jukebox…………………..(3:14)
03 A Figure Walks………………………(3:43)
04 Choc-Stock………………………….(2:55)
05 Rowche Rumble……………………….(4:36)
06 Fiery Jack………………………….(4:07)
07 Muzorewi’s Daughter………………….(3:34)
08 No Xmas For John Quays……………….(4:49)
09 In My Area………………………….(4:15)
10 Before The Moon Falls………………..(3:55)
11 Dice Man……………………………(2:00)
12 Spectre vs. Rector (CUT)……………..(5:03)


29 July 1979 – March 1980: lineup # 11: Mark E. Smith (vocals),
Craig Scanlon (guitar), Marc Riley (guitar, keyboards),
Steve Hanley (bass), Mike Leigh (drums).

Stereo SBD trade CDR

Trade CDR > EAC v0.99 > computer WAV > TLH v2.4.1 > FLAC 8 > MP3

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Bootleg Bonanza: Jerry Garcia Band – Washington, DC (02/12/80)

Download MP3@320kps: Part I, Part II

Jerry Garcia Band
Lisner Auditorium – George Washington University
Washington, DC

Audience Recording


Disc 1:
Early Show
1. Sugaree 10:03
2. Catfish John 9:34
3. How Sweet It Is
To Be Loved By You 8:12
4. Sitting Here In Limbo 13:43
5. That’s All Right, Mama 8:28
6. Deal 7:40
7. E:?When I Paint
My Masterpiece 10:52

Disc 2:
Late Show
1. The Harder They Come 13:52
2. It Takes A Lot To Laugh,
It Takes A Train To Cry 7:53
3. They Love Each Other 8:51
4. Russian Lullaby 12:36
5. After Midnight > 11:52
6. Eleanor Rigby Jam > 3:34
7. After Midnight 3:47

Disc 3:
1. I’ll Take a Melody 11:48
2. E:?Tore Up Over You 9:00

Rachel Sweet opened both shows

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Bootleg Bonanza: Norah Jones – Baden Baden, Germany (01/17/07)

norah jones baden baden

Download MP3@192kps: Part I, Part II

Truly, truly I say to you, it is awesome to have somebody constantly supplying you with Norah Jones shows. Thanks to Young Blood/Man of the Hour being the greatest.

Norah Jones
Baden Baden, Germany

From a live TV broadcast

01. Cold Cold Heart
02. Sunrise
03. Thinking About You
04. Sinkin’ Soon
05. Not Too Late
06. Until The End
07. Creepin’ In
08. Be My Somebody
09. Rosie’s Lullaby
10. Come Away With Me
11. Lonestar

Alright, once again this is a little weird. I got these downloads from a friend. They appeared to be from two separate shows. None came with a setlist. The first listed the date the above date. The second only says “Norah Jones – Live at SWR3 Hautnah Live (2007)” which if you google leads you back to this date. None of the setlists I can find match perfectly with with either download, but there is plenty of overlap. I have not given them enough of a listen to tell if the overlap is identical.

Etree mentions that some songs were played on the radio and on television so my guess is that one of the downloads comes from the radio and the other from TV. Producers from each decided to play certain songs from the entire set and leave out others.

Or once again, I may be full of crap. Its great music either way.

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Bootleg Bonanza: Grateful Dead – Baltimore, MD (05/05/79)

grateful dead

Download MP3@320kps: Part I, Part II

Grateful Dead
Baltimore Civic Center
Baltimore, MD

Source: NAK CM700, Sony 158SD Recorded by Barry Glassberg
Lineage: AUDMC> NAKDRAGON > Sony PCM-500 > HHB800 by John Steinthal
Encoding: EAC(secure) > CDWAV > mkwact > SHN>WAV>MP3

Disk 1 [65:24]
Set One
01. Crowd/tuning
02. Jack Straw ;
03. Sugaree %
04. El Paso %
05. Friend Of The Devil %
06. It’s All Over Now ;
07. Tennessee Jed ;
08. Dancing In The Street

Disk 2 [35:03]
Set Two
01. Crowd/tuning
02. Scarlet Begonias >
03. Fire On The Mountain ;
04. Samson And Delilah %

Disk 3 [66:57]
Set Two continued
01. He’s Gone >
02. Drum//s >
03. Space >
04. The Other One >
05. Wharf Rat >
06. Sugar Magnolia
07. Encore One More Saturday Night

– d1t07 perhaps some tape speed variation at the start
– d2t02 9:53 – 10:03 some tape speed variation during the transition jam between Scarlet > Fire
– d3t03 ~7:48 tape flip in Drums

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