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Bootleg Bonanza: Muddy Waters – Milwaukee, WI (05/??/76)

muddy waters

Download MP3@320kps: Mediafire

Muddy Waters
Milwaukee, WI

Audience recording

Lineage:Sony ECM-250 -> Sony TC-153
master recorded by a legendary local taper.
master tape to (my) 1st gen. Maxell XLII-90 by DG

Transfer: 1st gen tape>Harmon Kardon TD 302 deck, heads aligned to each tape side>
Zoom H2 @16/44.1>editing & tracking with wavepad>
flac level 8 & checksums created with traderslittlehelper>MP3

-Set 1-
(X)Off The Wall
Honky Tonk
J.P.’s Boogie
Chicken Shack>
Muddy intro
Goin’ Down Slow
Can’t Get No Grinding
Howling Wolf
Rock Me Baby
Baby Please Don’t Go
-tape flip-
(X)Kansas City
Last Night>
Muddy outro
Sweet Home Chicago
Lonesome Bedroom Blues
Since You’ve Been Gone
-tape pause-
X)Muddy Intro Jam>
Band intros
Kind Hearted Woman(X)

A very nice sounding audience recording.

Notes on this recording (from the original tormentor): I was told this comes from a extended run of shows at Zaks, which took place between the 10th and 15th of May, 1976.
However, Muddy says at one point about saturday’s upcoming show was the last of the run, and saturday would be the 14th, dating this show somewhere from the 10th to the 13th.

No EQ, noise reduction or other “sweetening” has been performed
on what I hope is an accurate reflection of the source recording.
Analog to digital transfer and all other mastering by arfarf 2011-03-01


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Bootleg Bonanza: Lucinda Williams – Red Bank, NJ (03/14/11)

lucinda williams

Download MP3@320kps: Part I, Part II

Lucinda Williams
Count Basie Theatre
Red Bank, NJ USA

Audience Front Row Center

Zoom H2 recorder, 120 degree stereo > WAV > CDWAV (track split) > dbPowerAmp (WAV > FLAC)>MP3

CD 1:
01 Can’t Let Go
02 People Talking (with false start)
03 2 Kool 2 Be 4 Gotten
04 Tears of Joy
05 Pineola
06 Drunken Angel
07 Buttercup
08 I Don’t Know How You’re Living
09 Copenhagen
10 Born To Be Loved
11 Convince Me
12 Out of Touch

CD 2:
13 Unsuffer Me
14 Essence
15 Band Intros
16 I Lived the Life
17 Righteously
18 Change the Locks
19 Honeybee
20 Encore Cheer
21 Blessed
22 Get Right With God
23 Joy
24 Encore Cheer 2
25 For What It’s Worth

Decent sounding audience recording. Not nearly as good as the Lucinda shows I’ve been posting, but its interesting to hear her on this most recent tour.

The opening act Dylan LeBlanc added guitar on Honeybee.

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Bootleg Bonanza: Alice in Chains – Tasty White Powder


Alice In Chains
“Tasty White Powder”

Download MP3@320kps: Rapidshare


01. Distance Aside (Jan. ’89 demo)
02. Foolish (Jan. ’89 demo)
03. Blue (Jan. ’89 demo)
04. We’ve Become (Jan. ’89 demo)
05. Look (Jan. ’89 demo)
06. Dirt (Dirt demo)
07. Junkhead (Dirt demo)
08. There’s No Time (Dirt demo)
09. Them Bones (Dirt demo)
10. Would? (Dirt demo)
11. Got Me Wrong (Sap demo)
12. Brother (Sap demo)
13. Rooster (Dirt demo)
14. Bleed The Freek (Publisher demo)
15. We Die Young (Publisher demo)
16. Sunshine (Publisher demo)
17. The Real Thing (Publisher demo)

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