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Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Jerry Garcia Band – New Brunswick, NJ (02/22/80)

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The Barn, Rutgers University
New Brunswick, NJ
Nak 700’s>Sony TC-158>Cassette Master
Playback on Nak Dragon & ran the signal right through Sony PCM R-700 directly to hard disc via ZA-2>CDR>EAC>SHN
(Jim Wise Transfer). *Not* taped by “Mark C.” as previously thought.

Set One: (5 songs)
It Takes A Lot To Laugh It Takes A Train To Cry 9:03
They Love Each Other 9:37
Let It Rock 9:27
Simple Twist Of Fate 15:42
That’s Alright Mama 8:29
When I Paint My Masterpiece

Set Two: (6 songs)
Sugaree 15:26
I’ll Take A Melody
That’s What Love Will Make You Do
Friend Of The Devil
How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You >
Midnight Moonlight

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Repost Bonanza: Ryan Adams – Exile on Franklin Street

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Ryan Adams
Exile on Franklin Street

California (Mix 1)
California (Mix 2)
Come Pick Me Up
Goodbye Honey
All My Fault (Mix 1)
All My Fault (Mix 2)
Chinese Pomo Srappy
Super Market Air Raid
I Know Where I Live
Listen To The Radio
Secret Powers
Blankets Of Booze
Don’t Ask For The Water
Tell Me How You Want Me
Rosalie Come and Go
Tractor Beam
Lash Out
Personal Hygiene
The Rescue Blues
The Last Dance
Why You Wanna Lemme Down
Waves Crashing
Chocked Up

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Repost Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Genuine Bootleg Series, Vol. 3

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Bob Dylan
Genuine Bootleg Series III

For more information and artwork head over to Bob’s Boots.

Disc One
d1t01 – Hard Times in New York
Mackenzie Tapes, 11/23/61

d1t02 – Death Of Emmett Till
Mackenzie Tapes, January 1962

d1t03 – Sally Gal/ The Girl I Left Behind
Oscar Brand show, 10/29/61

d1t04 – I Rode Out One Morning
d1t05 – House Of the Rising Sun
Mackenzie Tapes, 4/12/63

d1t06 – See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
d1t07 – Ballad Of Donald White
Mackenzie Tapes, September 1962

d1t08 – Farewell
Witmark demo, March 1963

d1t09 – Percy’s Song
Carnegie Hall, 10/26/63

d1t10 – I Shall Be Free #10
d1t11 – I Shall Be Free #10
Another Side sessions, 6/9/64

d1t12 – If You Gotta Go Go Now
Philharmonic Hall, 10/31/64

d1t13 – It’s Alright Ma
Les Crane Show, 2/17/65

d1t14 – Tombstone Blues
Highway 61 outtake w/Chambers Bros

d1t15 – From A Buick 6
Hollywood Bowl, 9/3/65

d1t16 – Visions of Johanna
Sheffield, 5/16/66

d1t17 – Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat
Liverpool, 5/14/66

Disc Two
d2t01 – Mr. Tambourine Man
Sheffield, 5/16/66

d2t02 – This Wheel’s On Fire
d2t03 – You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere
d2t04 – I Shall Be Released
d2t05 – Too Much Of Nothing
d2t06 – You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere #2
Basement Tapes 1967

d2t07 – Folsom Prison Blues
d2t08 – Ring Of Fire
Self Portrait outtakes, 5/3/69

d2t09 – Went To See The Gypsy
d2t10 – If Not For You
d2t11 – Sign on the Window
New Morning outtakes, spring 1970

d2t12 – Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
Pat Garrett sessions, February 1973

d2t13 – Nobody ‘Cept You
Montreal, 1/11/74

d2t14 – Lily, Rosemary, And The Jack Of Hearts
d2t15 – If You See Her Say Hello
BOTT test pressing, 9/12/74

d2t16 – Simple Twist Of Fate
d2t17 – Oh Sister
Hammond Tribute, 9/10/75

d2t18 – Rita Mae
Desire outtake, 7/14/75

Disc Three
d3t01 – Never Let Me Go
Renaldo And Clara EP, 12/4/75

d3t02 – Sign Language
Eric Clapton outtake, March 1976

d3t03 – Ballad Of A Thin Man
d3t04 – Blowin’ In The Wind
d3t05 – Blowin’ In The Wind
Rundown rehearsals, Jan/Feb 78

d3t06 – Shot Of Love
d3t07 – Watered Down Love
Shot Of Love outtakes

d3t08 – Tangled Up In Blue
Rome, 6/19/84

d3t09 – A Couple More Years
Hearts Of Fire, August 1986

d3t10 – The French Girl
Grateful Dead Rehearsals, April 87

d3t11 – Series Of Dreams
Oh Mercy outtake, March 1989

d3t12 – Ring Them Bells
Great Music Experience 5/20/94

d3t13 – Handy Dandy
UTRS outtake, 1/6/90

d3t14 – TV Talking Song
UTRS outtake, March 1990

d3t15 – Anyway You Want Me
Sony Studios, NYC, 9/10/94

d3t16 – Blue-Eyed Jane
Ardent Studios, Memphis, May 1994

d3t17 – Blind Willie McTell
WolfTrap, 8/24/97

d3t18 – Hard Times
Big Six-O, 4/28/93

d3t19 – Restless Farewell
Sinatra Tribute, 11/19/95

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Repost Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Genuine Bootleg Series, Vol. 2

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Bob Dylan
Genuine Bootleg Series II

For more information and artwork head over to Bob’s Boots.

Disc 1
d1t01 – The Two Sisters
Karen Wallace Tape, May 1960

d1t02 – Young But Daily Growing
Carnegie Chapter Hall, 11/4/61

d1t03 – Corrina, Corrina
FREEWHEELIN’ outtake, 4/24/62

d1t04 – That’s Alright Mama
FREEWHEELIN’ outtake, Nov. 1962

d1t05 – Hero Blues
FREEWHEELIN’ outtake, 12/6/62

d1t06 – Long Time Gone
Witmark demo, March 1963

d1t07 – Lay Down Your Weary Tune
Carnegie Hall, 10/26/63

d1t08 – Guess I’m Doing Fine
Witmark demo, January 1964

d1t09 – Mr. Tambourine Man
ANOTHER SIDE outtake w/ Jack Elliott, 6/9/64

d1t10 – Mr. Tambourine Man
Newport Folk Festival, 7/26/64

d1t11 – It’s All Over Now Baby Blue
BIABH outtake, 1/15/65

d1t12 – Lunatic Princess Revisited
HIGHWAY 61 outtake, 6/16/65

d1t13 – I Don’t Want To Be Your Partner
Hawks session, 10/20/65

d1t14 – Freeze Out
Hawks session, 11/30/65

d1t15 – Does She Need Me 1 & 2
Glasgow Hotel Tape, 5/19/66

d1t16 – Like A Rolling Stone
Royal Albert Hall, 5/26/66

Disc 2:
d2t01 – I’m Not There
d2t02 – Silent Weekend
d2t03 – Young But Daily Growing
d2t04 – Banks Of The Royal Canal
Basement Tapes 1967

d2t05 – Wild Mountain Thyme
Isle Of Wight, 8/31/69

d2t06 – Tomorrow Is A Long Time
NEW MORNING outtake, 6/2/70

d2t07 – Spanish is the Loving Tongue
NEW MORNING outtake, 6/2/70

d2t08 – George Jackson
45 rpm single, 11/4/71

d2t09 – Good-bye Holly
PAT GARRETT sessions, 1/20/73

d2t10 – House Of The Rising Sun
d2t11 – Nobody ‘Cept You
PLANET WAVES sessions, 11/2/73

d2t12 – Tangled Up In Blue
BOTT test pressing, 9/16/74

d2t13 – Abandoned Love
Other End, 7/3/75

d2t14 – People Get Ready
Renaldo And Clara EP, October 1975

d2t15 – The Water Is Wide
Eric Clapton sessions, 3/30/76

d2t16 – Repossession Blues
Rundown Studio rehearsals, 2/1/78

d2t17 – If You See Her Say Hello
Rundown Studio rehearsals, 1/30/78

d2t18 – Stop Now
d2t19 – Coming From The Heart
STREET LEGAL outtake, 5/2/78

Disc 3:
d3t01 – Ain’t Gonna Go to Hell
d3t02 – Cover Down Break Through
Toronto, 4/20/80

d3t03 – Groom’s Still Waiting at the Altar
San Francisco, 11/15/80

d3t04 – Magic
SHOT OF LOVE work tape, April 1981

d3t05 – Heart Of Mine
SHOT OF LOVE outtake, April 1981

d3t06 – Nadine
Lone Star Cafe, 5/29/88

d3t07 – We Three
Plugz rehearsals, March 1984

d3t08 – Almost Done
Beverly Theater rehearsals, 5/23/84

d3t09 – Almost Done
Verona rehearsal, 5/27/84

d3t10 – Freedom For The Stallion
EMPIRE BURLESQUE sessions, 11/84

d3t11 – Something’s Burning Baby
EMPIRE BURLESQUE outtake, November 1984

d3t12 – To Fall In Love With You
HEARTS OF FIRE sessions, 8/27-28/86

d3t13 – Got Love If You Want It
DOWN IN THE GROOVE outtake, April 1987

d3t14 – Don’t Keep Me Waiting Too Long
Grateful Dead rehearsals, April 1987

d3t15 – Everything Is Broken
d3t16 – Born In Time
OH MERCY outtakes, March 1989

d3t17 – Most Of The Time
video, 3/2/90

d3t18 – Series of Dreams
Wolf Trap, 9/8/93

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Repost Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Genuine Bootleg Series, Vol. 1

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Bob Dylan
Genuine Bootleg Series

A very cool set of miscellaneous Dylan tunes, none of which is on the official Bootleg series. For more information head over to Bob’s Boots.

Disc 1:
d1t01 – Black Cross
d1t02 – I Was Young When I Left Home
Minnesota Hotel Tape, 12/22/61

d1t03 – Ballad For A Friend
Leeds Demo, 1/62

d1t04 – Hero Blues
d1t05 – Whatcha Gonna Do?
Freewheelin’ outtakes, 12/6/62

d1t06 – Tomorrow Is A Long Time
Witmark demo, 12/62

d1t07 – Milk Cow Blues
Freewheelin’ outtake, 4/24/62

d1t08 – Rocks And Gravel
Freewheelin’ test pressing, 11/13/62

d1t09 – You’ve Been Hiding Too Long
Town Hall, 4/12/63

d1t10 – Farewell
d1t11 – Baby Let Me Follow You Down
Witmark demos, 12/63-1/64

d1t12 – That’s All Right Mama/Sally Free And Easy
d1t13 – Bob Dylan’s New Orleans Rag
Another Side sessions, 6/9/64

d1t14 – You Don’t Have To Do That
BIABH outtake, 1/13/65

d1t15 – Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window? Highway 61 outtake/error single, 7/30/65
d1t16 – Desolation Row
Highway 61 outtake, 7/30/65

d1t17 – Seems Like A Freeze Out
Hawks session, 11/30/65

d1t18 – She’s Your Lover Now
Hawks session, 1/21/66

Disc 2:
d2t01 – The Painting By Van Gogh
Denver Hotel Tape, 3/13/66

d2t02 – What Kind of Friend Is This?
Glasgow Hotel Tape, 5/19/66

d2t03 – One Too Many Mornings
Sheffield, 5/16/66

d2t04 – Sign On The Cross
d2t05 – All American Boy
d2t06 – Nothing Was Delivered
Basement Tapes 1967

d2t07 – I Threw It All Away
d2t08 – Honey Just Allow Me One More Chance
d2t09 – Working On A Guru
George Harrison session, 5/1/70

d2t10 – Down In The Flood
New York City, 1/1/72

d2t11 – Goodbye Holly
d2t12 – Rock Me Mama
Pat Garrett sessions, 2/73

d2t13 – Nobody ‘Cept You
Planet Waves outtake, 11/2/73

d2t14 – Idiot Wind
BOTT test pressing, 9/16/74

d2t15 – Hurricane
Desire outtake, 7/30/75

d2t16 – Stop Now
Street Legal sessions, 5/1/78

d2t17 – You Treat Me Like a Stepchild
Augusta, ME, 9/15/78

Disc 3:
d3t01 – Trouble In Mind
Slow Train Coming alternate take, 5/79

d3t02 – Yonder Comes Sin
Shot Of Love sessions, 10/80

d3t03 – Caribbean Wind
Shot Of Love sessions, 3/31/81

d3t04 – Don’t Ever Take Yourself Away
Shot Of Love sessions, 4/23/81

d3t05 – Thief On The Cross
New Orleans, LA, 11/10/81

d3t06 – Sweetheart Like You
d3t07 – Someone’s Got a Hold of My Heart
d3t08 – Tell Me
d3t09 – Jokerman
d3t10 – Blind Willie McTell
Infidels outtakes, 4/83-5/83

d3t11 – New Danville Girl
Empire Burlesque sessions, 12/84

d3t12 – Important Words
Down In The Groove outttake, 4-5/87

d3t13 – Dignity
Oh Mercy outtake, 3/89

d3t14 – Like A Ship
Traveling Wilburys 3 outtake, 4/90

d3t15 – Series Of Dreams
Oh Mercy outtake, 3/89

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Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bela Fleck – Lowell, MA (07/08/11)

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Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
Boarding House Park
Lowell, Ma

AKG c480b/a60m/ck1(DIN) > Luntaec V3 Digital > PMD-661(24/96)
Wave > Soundforge 9.0(Vol+,Fade,Track) > Flac 24Bit

Taped, Transfered & Seeded by Ted Gakidis

***** 24bit, Not Intended for CD Burning ****

Sorry I don’t have any song titles.

Disc 1
9 Tracks

Disc 2
7 Tracks

One Long Set due to Rain Threat.
During the first half of the set The slight sound of rain drops can be heard on the microphone stand umbrella.

The Original Flecktones:
Bela Fleck – Banjo
Victor Wooten – Bass
Roy “Future Man” Wooten – Drumitar,Percusion, Vocals
Howard Levy – Piano, Harmonica

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Repost Bonanza: Wilco – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, Engineeer's Demos

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Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Engineer’s Demos

I’m The Man Who Loves You
Magazine Called Sunset
Poor Places
Shakin Sugar
War On War
Ashes Of American Flags
Cars Can’t Escape
Pot Kettle Black
The Good Part
I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
Let Me Come Home
Heavy Metal Drummer
Nothing Up My Sleeve
Corduroy Cutoff Girl(Radio Cure)
Never Let You Down
Venus Stop the train

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Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Lucinda Williams – Austin, TX (03/19/94)

lucinda williams

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Lucinda Williams
La Zona Rosa, Austin, TX
March 19th 1994

01 I Just Wanted To See You So Bad
02 The Night’s Too Long
03 Metal Firecracker
04 Blaze
05 Pineola
06 Lines Around Your Eyes
07 Still I Long For Your Kiss
08 Car Wheels On A Gravel Road
09 Something About What Happens When We Talk
10 Joy
11 Changed The Locks

Good Soundboard
CDR Trade>EAC>Soundforge 8 (Track Markings)>FLAC

Several small static bursts removed from right channel (Soundforge 8)

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Repost Bonanza: Del McCoury Band – Cumberland, MD (05/26/11)

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Del McCoury Band
DelFest 2011
Allegany County Fairgrounds
Cumberland, MD
Multipurpose Room (moved indoors due to rain)
May 26, 2011

Schoeps MK41(DINa) > KC5 > CMC6 > Aeta Mix 2000 > Sound Devices 744t @ 24bit/48hz
INHDD > Sound Forge 10 > CD Wave > TLH
DFC @ SBD cage 9ft in air
Tagged in Foobar 2000
Taper: soling(

One set: 67:01

01. Intro
02. I wonder Where You Are Tonight
03. This Kind Of Life
04. ? ~
05. Prisoner’s Song
06. How Long
07. ?
08. This Heart Of Mine
09. Sweet Apalacha
10. Sally ?
11. I am Justified
12. Don’t Stop The Music
13. John Henry
Bonus tracks. Performance by The Bluegrass Academy students:
14. More Pretty Girls Than One#
15. ?

~ Carl Roberts – banjo
# The Over and Under String Band
% The Next Generation

Del McCoury Acoustic Guitar
Ronnie McCoury Mandolin
Rob McCoury Banjo
Alan Bartram Bass
Jason Carter Fiddle

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Repost Bonanza: The Gutter Twins – San Francisco, Ca (03/01/08)

gutter twins

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The Gutter Twins
Bimbo’s 365
San Francisco, CA

Set I
The Stations
God’s Children
The Body
Live With Me
Seven Stories Underground
All Misery / Flowers
Idle Hands
Circle The Fringes
Bete Noir
I Was In Love With You
Down The Line
Who Will Lead Us
Each To Each
Band Intros / Front Street
Set II
The River Rise
No Easy Action
King Only
Methamphetamine Blues
Number Nine

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