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Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Wilco – Chicago, IL (02/16/08)

February 16, 2008
Riviera, Chicago IL USA

Matrix Source
Download FLAC: Rapidshare
Download MP3@320: Rapidshare
Sample MP3: Hate it Here
Recorded by yltfan and Jerry Eaglebarger
*a thir13en blend*
Source 1:
SBD>iRiver h140
Recorded by yltfan
Source 2:
Nakamichi cm300’s>iRiver h120
Recorded by yltfan
Source 3:
Earthworks SR77’s > Lunatec V3 (@ 48kHz) > Microtrack 24/96 (24 Bit)
Transfer: CompactFlash > HD > DVD > HD > Sound Forge 9.0c (24 bit tracking) (fades in on t01 and t21) (fades out on t20 and t35) > Flac Frontend (level 8 endcoding)
Recorded by Jerry Eaglebarger
Transfered by Fez

Skalinder Source
Download FLAC: Rapidshare
Download MP3@320: Rapidshare
Sample MP3: Hate it Here
Recordist : Brian Skalinder /
Location : ~3′ LoC, ~40′ back at first rail overlooking pit, ~6.5′ stand
Mic Config : ORTF, 17cm, 110∫
Source : Schoeps MK5 (cardioid) > KC5 > CMC6 > Sound Devices 722
Record Format: 24-bit, 48 kHz
Conversion : Sound Devices 722 > firewire > PC
Edit : MAGIX Samplitude SE v8.3 (gain change adjustments, iZotope Ozone 3 Loudness Maximizer, mixdown, fades, resample, MBIT+ dither, tracking)
Final Format : 16-bit, 44 kHz
Thanks to: the taping crew (Jerry, Chris, and Warner for the clamp space), the understanding surrounding crowd, the venue, and the band and crew.

Eaglebarger Source
Download FLAC: Rapidshare
Download MP3@320: Rapidshare
Sample MP3: Hate it Here
Source: Earthworks SR77’s > Lunatec V3 (@24/48) > Microtrack 24/96, FOB on first rail with all the others!
Transfer: Wavelab 5.0 (UVHR rendering to 16/44.1) > CD Wave (tracking) > Wavelab 5.0
(fades in d1t01, d2t04, d2t05, d2t21) > Trader’s Little Helper (flac encoding)
Recorded and transferred by Jerry Eaglebarger (

First Set
01 Intro
02 Someone Else’s Song
03 Hell Is Chrome
04 Handshake Drugs
05 Muzzle of Bees
06 Via Chicago
07 I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
08 Hotel Arizona
09 A Shot In The Arm
10 Impossible Germany
11 It’s Just That Simple
12 When You Wake Up Feeling Old
13 Too Far Apart
14 Hate It Here
15 Jesus Etc.*
16 Forget The Flowers*
17 Dash 7*
18 Christ For President*
19 Walken^
20 I’m The Man Who Loves You^

Second Set
21 Newhart Intro
22 The Late Greats
23 Heavy Metal Drummer
24 Red-Eyed And Blue*
25 I Got You (At The End Of The Century)*
26 A Magazine Called Sunset
27 Monday^
28 Casino Queen
29 Kingpin
30 Passenger Side*
31 Dreamer In My Dreams*
32 The Lonely 1*
33 Encore Break

34 ELT
35 Hoodoo Voodoo
36 Hoodoo Voodoo 2

*Andrew Bird
^Horns (Total Pros)

The Matrix source of course is the best, but both audience sources are pretty good, though I’d give the edge to the Eaglebarger source. Too bad I couldn’t find the soundboard source, that would have been nice.


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