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Lossless Repost Bonanza: The Pixies – Souls On Fire

the pixies souls on fire

Download FLAC: Rapidshare
Download MP3@320kps: Rapidshare

Souls on Fire
Pink Pop Festival, the Netherlands
&Boston rehearsal tapes 1988

LP -> Cool Edit -> wav -> Flac Frontend -> flac>MP3@320
Artwork included.

Live Pink Pop Festival 15th May 1989
SBD recording, quality A.

1. Wave Of Mutilation
2. Debaser
3. Monkey Gone To Heaven
4. Crackity Jones
5. Dead
6. Number 13 Baby
7. Isla De Encanta
8. Gigantic
9. Vamos

Boston Rehearsal Tapes 1988
Studio recording, quality A-/A

10. Dead
11. I Bleed
12. Gigantic
13. Hey
14. Monkey Gone To Heaven
15. Wave Of Mutilation
16. Debaser

Total time: 43:51


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