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Repost Bonanza: Charles Mingus – Minneapolis, MN (05/13/65)

charles mingus

Charles Mingus
Tyrone Guthrie Theater
Minneapolis, MN

Download MP3@320: Rapidshare
Download FLAC: Rapidshare

Cleaned LP > unknown transfer > WAV > EAC > FLAC

01 So Long Eric
02 Medley
a) She’s Funny That Way
b) Embraceable You
c) I Can’t Get Started
d) Ghost Of A Chance
e) Old Portrait
f) Cocktails For Two

Charles Mingus – Bass
Lonnie Hillyer – Trumpet
Charles McPherson – Alto Sax
Jaki Byard – Piano
Dannie Richmond – Drums

Ok, this is offical.. but I spent over two decades, on an off, to find it! Indeed, a long search, but it’s my hero of music and it’s my hometown. Understand?! Good! 😉 Anyways, It was released offically a few times over the years, but only on LP. It seems never to have had a CD issue, be it offical or not. Yup, a VERY rare one. I even searched online over the years for a version to listen or download, I wasn’t even able to find any of it. Not even an MP3 sample.

This finally all changed just recently (Dec. 2010) where I inquired about it yet again on a torrent site. This time I got GREAT luck! One person who downloaded some Mingus shows (unoffical ones) I shared in the past came to my plea. He privated uploaded it to a site for my download. The sharer stated that he deep cleaned his LP, but didn’t alter the recording in any way. No EQ, no fixings, nothing, but the pure raw transfer. Sweet! He even added great high quality scans of the covers art, both the Charles Mingus issue in 1965, and the Fantasy reissue from the 70’s, which also incl. here. Many thanks yet again!

So, here you go! “My Favorite Quintet”, “Town Hall Concert” (mislabel), “Minneapolis Guide”, whatever you wish to call this is now finally around in the digital world. *pats himself on the back* and of course, it’s confirmed lossless! Please note I wouldn’t openly share this if Sue Mingus put it back in print. However, Charles is in top #3 artists of all time (plus Minneapolis is my hometown!), and I just CAN’T STAND that some of his material remains very rare. Sorry, Sue. I can’t help myself. Put it back in print and I’ll buy it!

As always, enjoy!
-Tom S. (amellowsoul)


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  1. cool stuff! i believe that this will be included in the upcoming Mosaic box set:

    Comment by tylerw | August 14, 2012 | Reply

  2. there isw no track 1- there is only track 2 (twice)

    Comment by john | August 14, 2012 | Reply

  3. FLAC or MP3?

    Comment by Mat Brewster | August 15, 2012 | Reply

  4. Thanks so much, love Mingus! Thanks for all of your posts, love the Dylan as well and I am passing the Grateful Dead along to a friend who is a huge fan.

    Comment by Bryan | August 15, 2012 | Reply

  5. flac

    Comment by john | August 16, 2012 | Reply

  6. Ok, I investigated. We’re screwed. I don’t have track one, just the two copies of track two. Not sure if that was a problem with the torrent or if I somehow mucked it up sometime later. Sorry, but I can’t fix it.

    Comment by Mat Brewster | August 16, 2012 | Reply

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