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Repost Bonanza: The Low Anthem – Vienna, Austria (03/27/11)

the low anthem

Vienna, Austria

Download FLAC: Part I, Part II
Download MP3@320kps: Rapidshare

AUD Master
Sony ECM-719 –> Sony Hi-MD MZ-RH1 –> Sonic Stage –> Wav –>
Audacity 1.2.6 (level adjustment, fades, hard leveler on close applaus)
–> tracked in CD Wave Editor –> Flac Frontend (8)>MP3@320


01 (Intro)
02 Ghost Woman Blues
03 Ticket Taker
04 Burn
05 To The Ghosts Who Write History Books >
06 Sally Whereíd You Get Your Liquor From (Rev. Gary Davis)
07 (banter)
08 Matter Of Time
09 Love And Altar
10 Hey, All You Hippies!
11 Home I’ll Never Be (Tom Waits/Jack Kerouac)
12 (tuning)
13 Apothecary Love
14 (banter)
15 This God Damn House
16 Maybe So
17 Evangeline (Robbie Robertson)
18 Charlie Darwin
19 Cigarettes, Whiskey and Wild, Wild Women
20 Glitter
21 (banter)
22 To Ohio
23 (Encore Break)
24 Smart Flesh
25 Bird on a Wire (Leonard Cohen)

If you don’t know the Low Anthem you owe it to yourself to get this and listen. They are an indie folk band but that doesn’t really begin to describe them. They write songs dug out of the hearts of old miners, ancient mariners and the soul of America. They can be kind of bummers and its rare that I listen to them without feeling a lump in my throat, but never once do I mind.

The sound here is fantastic. Just gorgeous.


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  1. Thanks for this! I’ve seen them live and they are great.

    Comment by Grant | October 19, 2012 | Reply

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