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Repost Bonanza: Paul Westerberg – Minneapolis, MN (11/05/04)

paul westerberg minneapolis 2004

Paul Westerberg
Pantages Theatre
Minneapolis, MN
With the Painkillers

Download FLAC: Rapidshare
Download MP3@320kps: Rapidshare
Download Sample MP3: Waiting For Somebody

Source: Core Sound Binaurals>Sony TCD-D100
Lineage: Sony TCD-D100>analog cable>Cool Edit 2000>CD Wav>CD-R>SHN>MP3

Disc One:
01. Waiting For Somebody
02. Final Hurrah
03. Kiss Me On The Bus
04. My Dad
05. AAA
06. Achin’ To Be
07. Mr Rabbit (Kevin Bowe-mandolin)
08. Making Me Go
09. Let The Bad Times Roll
10. As Far As I Know
11. Little Mascara
12. Valentine
13. High Time
14. ? (solo electric)
15. Sadly Beautiful (solo acoustic 12 string)

Disc Two:
01. Crackle And Drag (solo acoustic 12 string)
02. If Only You Were Lonely (solo acoustic 12 string)
03. Lookin’ Up In Heaven (acoustic w/band)
04. What A Day (For A Night) (acoustic w/band)
05. Love Untold
06. I Will Dare
07. I Think I Love You (Partridge Family cover)
08. Alex Chilton
09. Left Of The Dial
10. MPLS
11. I’ll Be You
12. Folk Star
13. Only A Hobo (Dylan cover)
14. Can’t Hardly Wait

An pretty good sounding audience recording. The sound is a bit muddled and the audience gets loud at times.


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