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Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Glastonbury, England (06/21/87) – "And If You Get It Right This Time"

And If You Get It Right This Time 1987 Front

Van Morrison
And If You Get It right This Time
Glastonbury, England

Download MP3@256: Mediafire

I’ve uploaded this one before from a different source. I think this one was played with a bit, and its unfortunate that I only have it in MP3. It definitely has a different sound than the previous upload. I’m sure someone here will have more information about it.

Northern Muse (Solid Ground) (3:14)
Vanlose Stairway (4:34)
It’s All In The Game (6:47)
Foreign Window (4:25)
Dweller On The Threshold (3:42)
Cleaning Windows (3:52)
Sense Of Wonder (5:00)
And The Healing Has Begun (7:38)
Beautiful Vision (sic – actually Celtic Ray) (2:42)
In The Garden (4:59)
Summertime In England (9:21)
Bright Track of the Road (sic – actually Full Force Gale / Bright Side Of The Road) (5:31)
Rave On John Donne / Rave On Part Two / Did Ye Get Healed? (9:30)
Total time: (71:17)
Recorded live at the Glastonbury Festival, Somerset, England, on June 21, 1987

Probable Musicians:
Arty McGlynn: guitar
Steve Pearce: bass
Roy Jones: drums
Neil Drinkwater: piano and synthesizer
Richie Buckley: saxophone
Martin Drover: trumpet
June Boyce and ?: backing vocals

Review from David Walker: One of the strongest boots to come along in
quite a while, Rave On is a very crisp soundboard recording from a
not-well-documented period: 1987 prior to the tours with the Chieftains.
Van’s voice is in good shape, and his band, many of whom played on
Poetic Champions Compose, are tight and often inspired. For me, the
highlights of the cd are the fast numbers: “Dweller on the Threshold,”
“Cleaning Windows,” and “Full Force Gale”; Van’s clean phrasing and
the band’s precise, energetic rhythms make these renditions
particularly memorable. If some of the meditative numbers –
“A Sense of Wonder” and “And the Healing Has Begun,” in particular –
seem a bit too fast or prosaic, they’re certainly competent and
enjoyable. There’s really not a bad cut on the album.

That said, I have to express my regret that the version of “One Irish
Rover” Van performed at this show is omitted from this album. It’s my
all-time favorite version of the song: although very short (about
three minutes), it is beautifully arranged and sung with a subtlety
and emotional emphasis that make it quite unique. It *was* included
in the BBC radio broadcast of this show in Europe a while back, but
was omitted from the Westwood 1 Superstar Concert Series radio package
that was broadcast on US stations in June 1997. It is the Westwood 1
radio discs that provided the source for this bootleg cd. According to
Van expert Kevin Sheets, the Westwood 1 broadcast was superior to the
earlier BBC European one, because although it unfortunately omits
“One Irish Rover” (and “Help Me”), it includes several other very
good songs that the European broadcast lacked.

Although not as stunning as the great Live in Montreux 1990 (aka Down
by Avalon), Rave On is well worth taking the trouble to find,
particularly if you’re partial to Van’s mid-to-late eighties period.

Review from Carlo in Berkeley: This CD is the June 21, 1987
Glastonbury Festival show that was originally recorded by the BBC and
broadcast in the U.S. on June 16, 1997 by Westwood One Entertainment
as part of their Superstar Concert Series. What the producers of this
CD have obviously done is remove the announcer comments and
commercials from the 2-CD set distributed by Westwood One
Entertainment. Being digital, the sound quality is the same as on
the Westwood One CDs.

The is an excellent show and the sound quality of this live soundboard
recording is superb. Rave On is a ‘Best Buy’ since you get the great
performance without the dumb announcer comments and obnoxious
commercials that are on the collectors radio show CDs at one/fourth
the cost. I am forgiving when it comes to the many errors in the
setlist since I could not begin to do something similar in Norwegian.

Additional note from Blair, February 1998: There appears to be
another version of Glastonbury ’87, also entitled Rave On [cover
shown at right]. The only difference I have been able to detect is
that this “new” version includes an introduction to the “living
legend, Van Morrison’, thus making it 10 seconds longer than the
earlier version. There is nothing on either the disk or cover to
indicate the source of production, other than “VTM 001”.


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  1. If you don’t have this one yet, grab it. It’s one of the best VM shows out there. Sound quality is perfect. There are so many outstanding performances in this show (And The Healing Has Begun, In The Garden, Summertime in England, Rave On John Donne).
    I love hearing after Norther Muse someone in the audience yelling “Get on with it” AND he does get on with it and gives one of the best performances on record.

    Comment by Bruce | September 27, 2013 | Reply

  2. Indeed, very nice boot! I compared this to the previous one you posted, and this one sounds indeed a little louder, and the mix slightly better? But that might be a side effect of the amplification, dunno. In any case, it’s great!
    If you do find a flac version of this bootleg, please share it 🙂 Love your blog, keep it up!

    Comment by Anonymous | September 29, 2013 | Reply

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