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Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – New York, NY (03/28/63)


Bob Dylan
The Bob Fass radio show broadcast
WBAI-FM, New York, NY
March 28, 1963

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In late March of 1963, Bob and then girlfriend Susan Rotolo
walk into WBAI radio station in New York during the Bob Fass show.
The roughly one-hour recording includes several conversations
(with Dylan posing variously as Rory Grossman, Rumple Billy Burp, Elvis Bickel, and Frog Rugster).
Fass plays acetates of several tracks from the unreleased Freewheelin’, and other music.
Featering General Franco, Bob Dylan and Susan Rotolo.

Tracks :
Bob Talk
Spanish Song
Old Soldiers Never Die
General Franco
The Crooked Cross
Bob Talk
In My Time Of Dying
Bob Talk
Oxford Town
Corrina Corrina
Bob Talk
I Shall Be Free
Bob Talk
Down The Highway
Bob Talk (As Rory Grossman)
Deli Song (16 Tons)
Bob Hope skit
Bob Talk
Talkin’ New York
Bob (As Fraud Rugster) Naked Theater
How Can You Keep On Movin’
Kick In The Pants
Bob (As Rumple Billy Burp) Folk Singer Suits
The Gal That I Love
Bob Hope Skit
Bob Talk (As Elvis Bickel) *
Bob Talk (with Suze Rotolo) Time Machines
I’ll Fly Away
Let Me Be
Damn Redskins
I’m Busted
Hitler Lives

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