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Daily Bootleg Links: Santana (With Trey Anastasio,) Jerry Garcia Band & Van Morrison


Santana with Trey Anastasio Vicenza
2 July 1996
Download@ Rock Rare Collection Fetish

Jerry Garcia Band
Berkeley, CA
Download@ So Many Roads

Van Morrison
Loreley, Germany
July 9, 1999
Download@ Nathan’s Rock Moat

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Daily Bootleg Links: The Who, David Gilmour, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones

the who seattle 1980

The Who
Seattle Center Coliseum
Seattle, Washington
April 15, 1980
Download FLAC: Quality3

David Gilmour
Hammersmith Odeon
London, England
April 30, 1984
Download FLAC: Just Dave’s Place

Carnegie Hall, New York City, NY
October 26, 1963
Download FLAC: 100 Greatest Bootlegs

Bruce Springsteen
Live in Zurich ’81
Download: Springsteen Bootlegs

The Rolling Stones
Paris, France
23 September 1973
Download: Refused…and Friends

This blog continues to surprise me. A couple of weeks ago I was on a roll, posting regularly. I even commented about it in a post. Thought I’d continue to do so for a long while. Thing was at the time I was hit pretty heavy with a head cold which made me cough pretty much non stop. The only way I could sleep was to sit up into the wee hours of the morning mucking about on the computer. This distracted me and kept me from coughing too much until I was so exhausted I could lay down and knock right out. Otherwise I’d just lay in bed and cough forever. As I was already up I was able to get shows ready and upload them during my late night free time on the internet.

A few days after I commented how awesome I was things changed. The gunk in my head moved so that it was no longer making me cough. It was still making me miserable in other ways, and ultimately exhausting me by the early evening hours. Since I could lay down I did just that around 10 every night and the extra doses of Nyquil were knocking me out until morning. Thus I was not up during my free hours and thus the blog has not been updated much of late.

I’m slowly getting better, but now we have family visitations. My mother is here now and next week my wife’s parents will be in. If you’ll recall they sleep in the guest bedroom which houses the main computer which keeps me from posting anything. Which brings me to this post. I had briefly picked up these link posts awhile back but then something screwed up with one of the file hosting sites and I took my blog break and forgot all about the links post. But in this hiatus period of sickness and family visits I think I’ll pick it back up.

Until I forget again. If I’m really good and remember I’ll also try to get out an old laptop and upload some shows from another room. Until then enjoy the links.

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Daily Bootleg Links: Pearl Jam – (11/03/96) + (3/5/98), Pink Floyd (09/07/69)

pearl jam berlin 96

Peal Jam
Berlin 11/03/96
(Sony Promo CD FLAC)
Download MP3/FLAC: We Got Shit
Melbourne 03/05/98
(Sony Promo CD FLAC)
Download MP3/FLAC: We Got Shit

My friend Steve over at the awesome Pearl Jam site, We Got Shit, just uploaded an upgraded version of these two classic shows. They come from an Australian only CD release and word on the street is that they are stellar. Thanks Steve!

I want to use that as an excuse to put out another request. If you have some shows, on your hard drive, on CD, or whatever, I’d love for you to share. Simply upload the shows to one of the big file upload sites (Megaupload, Mediafire, etc.) and send me the links. That’s the normal request, but I will add in if you know of a site sharing some cool shows please let me know. I’m constantly finding new and interesting bootleg sites, but I’m always interested in more. Even if its a site I normally link to and you find a cool show on it that I haven’t put in the links, I want to know about that. The more communal this site becomes the better in my opinion. So share, share, share.

Pink Floyd
Amsterdam, Netherlands
7 September 1969 -FM
Download@Jazz Blues and Co

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Daily Bootleg Links: Calexico – Denmark 2000, Queen – Live BBC 1973, John Lennon – Plastic Ono Band (1968-1970)

I’ve decided to start my break early. We leave for Europe this coming Thursday. That leaves me a few days to upload some shows, but between packing and making sure everything is taken care of I figure worrying about uploading will be more stress than I care for.

Also I want to practice updating the blog without uploading shows before we go. I hope to continue posting interesting links while I’m away. The Daily Links should continue more or less as usual (which is to say not daily, but fairly regular.) I’m also hoping to throw in some youtube clips, and maybe a few MP3s that I think are cool. Basically the plan is to add content by adding links to various other places that have cool music.

I’m also hoping to be more active on my Facebook page (and if you are not already a friend, just click on the link in the sidebar. I am on Twitter too, where I’m also hoping to add various thing of interest.

The idea here is that I will be adding links to the blog, Facebook page and Twitter but usually not the same ones. So maybe I’ll add a link to a cool cover song on my Twitter, a video to my Facebook and link to bootlegs on my blog.

Maybe that’s really obnoxious, I don’t know, but it seems like the thing to do on the Internet these days – interact with readers in a variety of ways. Of course my plans often go awry so who knows what will actually happen. Of course I’ll still be doing a lot of traveling (in fact probably about 1/2 of my time in Europe will be spent on the road (or train track as the case may be)) and thus my time to do anything is limited.

So cross your fingers that I’ll still be posting a variety of things, and please do comment, befriend and tweet me. And if you have some interesting shows you want me to share, or find some cool links yourself, please send them my way. Anyways here’s a few links for today.

Denmark 2000
DownloadMP3@Beehive Candy

Live BBC 1973
Download MP3@RockRockBlog

John Lennon
Plastic Ono Band [1968-1970]

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Daily Bootleg Links: Led Zeppelin – Madison Square Garden (02/12/75), The Rolling Stones – Dallas Rehearsals 1972, Bruce Springsteen (02/07/75) Video, Various Artists – Coachella 2010

I’m out of town for the holiday weekend so you’re only going to get some links for the next few days. Also since the hard drive crash I lost most of my bootleg links so you may see a lot of the same sites over and over. If anybody has some good links to share, leave them in the comments.

Led Zeppelin
Madison Square Garden
New York, New York
February 12, 1975
Download FLAC@Quality Bootz

Rolling Stones
Dallas Rehearsals 1972
Download MP3@Guitars101

Bruce Springsteen
Chester, PA
(DVDfull pro-shot)
Download Video@ TUBE

Coachella2010 (including Beach House, Gorillaz, Them Crooked Vultures, MGMT and More)
Download MP3@Music-Hole

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Daily Bootleg Links: Whiskeytown – Complete F*cker Demos, Jane Siberry – Every Album, Bob Dylan Streams

The Complete F*cker Demos
Download MP3@Coughing Up Blood and Whiskey

Jane Siberry
Every single album she’s ever recorded.
Available on her official site.

Mercury Music – A very cool Bob Dylan site that adds new songs every night at 9. Unfortunately it only seems to stream the songs, so you’ll need a way to capture live streams to take it with you.

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Daily Bootleg Links: Louis Armstrong (May 7, 1959), Ryan Adams Discography, Bill Hicks – Dark Poet Live

Louis Armstrong All Stars
La Bussola, Focette (near Viareggio), Italy
May 7 1959
DVD PAL {Pro-shot}
Download Video @ Bootleg Forever

Ryan Adams
Pretty much everything he has ever recorded
The Midnight Cafe Note: The following link includes downloads to officially released Ryan Adams albums. The Midnight Cafe does not condone piracy in form. However, the link also includes links to a slew of unofficial albums and live stuff and I absolutely condone grabbing that whenever possible.
Download at Sound Opinions

Bill Hicks
Dark Poet Live
Download MP3@Never Get Out of the Boat

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Daily Bootleg Links: U2 – Tempe AZ(12/19/87), Queen – Hammersmith-Odeon (12/26/79), Ben Folds – Bonnaroo (06/14/08)

Tempe, Arizona
Soundboard Recording
Download the show at The Spiral Staircase

London, England
Download MP3: Sendspace
Source: Smuggled Sounds

Ben Folds
Manchester, TN
Download MP3: Megaupload
Source: Mystic Cords of Memory

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Daily Bootleg Links: The Police – Zurich (03/04/79), Bob Marley – NYC (04/30/76), Guy Clark – Colorado (08/29/90)

The Police
Live At Zellerbach
(Sniff Records 03)
Berkeley, California
March 04, 1979
FM Broadcast
Vinyl Bootleg
Download MP3@320 kbps: Rapidshare, Megaupload
Source: Viva Les Bootlegs

Bob Marley
New York City
April 30, 1976
Early Set, First Gen Soundboard
Download links at Quality Bootz

Guy Clark
August 29, 1990
Boulder, Colorado
Download MP3@192kps: Flameupload
Source: Beehive Candy

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Daily Bootleg Links: Hole – Almost Acoustic Christmas, Nanci Griffith – England (10/07/95), Joe Strummer – Solo, Soundtracks & Rarities, Bruce Springsteen – 2009 Live Rarities, Feist – Paris (12/14/05)

KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas
Shrine Auditorium,
Los Angeles, CA USA,
December 11th 1998
Download MP3: Megaupload
Source: ST-Zeross

Nanci Griffith
Wolverhampton Civic Hall
Wolverhampton, England
Download MP3: Rapidshare
Source: Smuggled Sounds

Joe Strummer
Solo, Soundtracks & Rarities
(Excellent studio mp3@320)
Source: T.U.B.E

Download MP3


Bruce Springsteen
2009 Live Rarities
Download MP3: Sendspace
Source: Berkely Place

Paris, France
Download: Rapidshare
Source: Deaf Indie Elephants

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