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Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Howlin' Wolf – Chicago, IL (06/20/70)

howlin wolf

Howlin’ Wolf
Saturday June 20, 1970
Big Duke’s Blue Flame Lounge,
Chicago, Illinois, USA

Download FLAC: Disk I, Disk II, Disk III
Download MP3@320: Part I, Part II

disc 1 – 68:08

01 [07:05] Set1 01 Take You Downtown
02 [06:25] Set1 02 Highway 49
03 [07:59] Set1 03 Decoration Day
04 [09:26] Set1 04 Bluebird Blues
05 [06:03] Set1 05 Little Baby
06 [01:16] Set1 06 Set Closer
07 [08:35] Set2 01 Oh Baby
08 [08:15] Set2 02 Someday Baby
09 [07:58] Set2 03 Highway 49
10 [04:09] Set2 04 I Got The Blues
11 [00:57] Set2 05 Set Closer

disc 2 – 79:25

01 [06:39] Set3 01 Highway 49
02 [12:04] Set3 02 Love Me Darling
03 [08:35] Set3 03 All I Want
04 [02:58] Set3 04 What I Say
05 [08:42] Set3 05 Decoration Day
06 [01:31] Set3 06 Chicken Shack (set end)
07 [08:41] Set4 01 How Many More Years
08 [07:52] Set4 02 Sitting On Top Of The World
09 [06:21] Set4 03 Highway 49
10 [09:28] Set4 04 I Am The Wolf
11 [05:12] Set4 05 Howling For My Darling
12 [01:22] Set4 06 Set Closer

disc 3 – 67:43

01 [04:53] Set5 01 Bad Bad Whiskey
02 [09:55] Set5 02 Hard Luck
03 [07:55] Set5 03 You Don’t Know
04 [09:29] Set5 04 The Big House
05 [01:24] Set5 05 Set Closer
06 [06:23] Set6 01 Evil
07 [14:58] Set6 02 Honeydripper (I’ll See You Again)
08 [01:36] Set6 03 Johnny Littlejohn intro & Tuning
09 [07:53] Set6 04 Dust My Broom [with Johnny Littlejohn]
10 [03:17] Set6 05 Sliding Home [with Johnny Littlejohn]

JimmyP9’s notes:

Received in Trade Years ago by a now assumed Deceased trader. These Recordings are also NOT IN TRADING Circles – Only few people over the years seemed to have had copies, & I mean a dozen at best. This is the 1st Time in Public Circulation ever. This copy here is probably 2nd gen maybe 3rd gen from the master reels most likely and assumed to be personally recorded by legendary Blues producer & writer Dick Shurman. It was difficult to decide how & what the breakdown of sets were here, so the tracking is just an educated guess. It seems they did shorter sets vs nowadays doing 1hr or more sets??? I Dunno? Most Titles are from Head and should be mostly accurate but do correct me if I am wrong. So forgive me if you don’t agree on the tracking. It is a bit weird and has pops, crackle & some hiss here & there as well.

Wolf seems a bit tired this evening, maybe he had a cold??? Maybe he just got off the road but it’s all good baby! Look at that setlist? It’s all a little loose nonetheless. The atmosphere is cool. In a bar/club in Chicago in 1970, Nice!

And then we get Johnny Littlejohn sittin’ in with Wolf on “Dust My Broom”??? Johnny Littlejohn with The Wolf?? Oh Yeah! I’m sure that stuff happened all the time though. Other than Hubert Sumlin on lead guitar, I forgot to note who else is on here. First time ever posted. JimmyP9 Feb. 26th 2011 – DaD

I did this remaster for myself and wasn’t sure about whether I was going to “muck up the trading pool waters” by seeding it, but since the order has been questioned on both of the previous versions, I decided to do it. Please decide for yourself which version you like and HAPPY LISTENING!

This version was remixed to bring the “all in one channel” Wolf and “all in the other channel” lead guitar toward the center from the far sides. This gives Wolf’s vocal a more presence in the mix and it sounds better to my ears.

Other changes made: DC offset removed, transitions cleaned up in a few places, better order for sets 3 and 4, more precise tracking and finally a tiny bit of the static that is through most of this was removed manually.

New lineage: Flac files from Dime download > Pro Tools > AIFF > xACT (Flac level 8 files with sector boundaries verified).

original seeder’s notes: These are from the WAV files as I got them a few years back. Received in Trade CDR from: Closely recorded audience source > 2nd gen Reels (or maybe 3rd gen.?) > unknown equiptment to WAV > CDR > amped up 5% via Audacity> Flac via Traders Little Helper to You

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Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Howlin' Wolf – Chicaco, IL (02/23/69)

howlin wolf

Howlin’ Wolf
February 23, 1969
Chicago, IL
Key Largo’s

Download FLAC: File Factory
Download MP3@320: File Factory

SBD > Reel To Reel > ? > CDR > EAC > FLAC > WAV > Cool Edit Pro (convert each channel
from mono to stereo and mixed both channels together for a balanced mix) > FLAC

1. Million Miles Away 13:18
2. Don’t Laugh At Nobody 8:15
3. Pretty Baby 5:25
4. Little Bird 11:41
5. Crazy About You Woman 7:42
6. How Much Is That Chicken 1:19

7. If You Don’t Love Me 7:30
8. I Had A Dream 10:17
9. Killing Floor 5:38
10. How Many More Years 8:54 *
11. Instrumental 1:50
12. Crosscut Saw 8:29
13. Sock It To Me 4:24

* (Possible microphone connection issue from 0:45 – 1:00)

This recording had all the vocals, drums, and keys in the left channel and all the guitar and bass in the right channel, making for an odd mix. I took each channel, converted it to stereo, then mixed it all together to have a balanced mix. It’s much easier to listen to now. – RandyB Jan. 2, 2010

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