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Daily Bootleg Links: The Who, David Gilmour, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones

the who seattle 1980

The Who
Seattle Center Coliseum
Seattle, Washington
April 15, 1980
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David Gilmour
Hammersmith Odeon
London, England
April 30, 1984
Download FLAC: Just Dave’s Place

Carnegie Hall, New York City, NY
October 26, 1963
Download FLAC: 100 Greatest Bootlegs

Bruce Springsteen
Live in Zurich ’81
Download: Springsteen Bootlegs

The Rolling Stones
Paris, France
23 September 1973
Download: Refused…and Friends

This blog continues to surprise me. A couple of weeks ago I was on a roll, posting regularly. I even commented about it in a post. Thought I’d continue to do so for a long while. Thing was at the time I was hit pretty heavy with a head cold which made me cough pretty much non stop. The only way I could sleep was to sit up into the wee hours of the morning mucking about on the computer. This distracted me and kept me from coughing too much until I was so exhausted I could lay down and knock right out. Otherwise I’d just lay in bed and cough forever. As I was already up I was able to get shows ready and upload them during my late night free time on the internet.

A few days after I commented how awesome I was things changed. The gunk in my head moved so that it was no longer making me cough. It was still making me miserable in other ways, and ultimately exhausting me by the early evening hours. Since I could lay down I did just that around 10 every night and the extra doses of Nyquil were knocking me out until morning. Thus I was not up during my free hours and thus the blog has not been updated much of late.

I’m slowly getting better, but now we have family visitations. My mother is here now and next week my wife’s parents will be in. If you’ll recall they sleep in the guest bedroom which houses the main computer which keeps me from posting anything. Which brings me to this post. I had briefly picked up these link posts awhile back but then something screwed up with one of the file hosting sites and I took my blog break and forgot all about the links post. But in this hiatus period of sickness and family visits I think I’ll pick it back up.

Until I forget again. If I’m really good and remember I’ll also try to get out an old laptop and upload some shows from another room. Until then enjoy the links.

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Bootleg Bonanza: The Who – Life with the Moons

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The Who
Life With The Moons [Yellow Dog YD 052]

1. Life With The Moons # 1
2. My Generation/(Land Of Hope And Glory)
3. Happy Jack (Take 1. With Studio Chatter)
4. Coca-Cola Commercial (sic Coke After Coke)
5. John Mason Motors Jingle
6. Jaguar
7. Life With The Moons # 2
8. Melancholia
9. Track Records Run-Off Groove
10. Life With The Moons # 3
11. Fortune Teller
12. Cousin Kevin/Model Child
13. Life With The Moons # 4
14. Baby Don’t Ya Do It (sic Baby Don’t You Do It)
15. Behind Blue Eyes (alternate with false start)
16. Life With The Moons # 5
17. Tommy’s Holiday Camp (Live unknown source)
18. I Am The Sea/The Real Me
19. The Name Game
20. Virginia
21. One Life’s Enough (alternate)

Comments from “This is actually a pretty neat CD. KM continues his madcap spoofs we got a taste of on the ’30 Years Maximum R&B’ box set. These are, with the exception of Tommy’s Holiday Camp, all studio cuts and include some humorous band banter between the cuts. Melancholia is The Who’s version, different from PT’s ‘Scoop’ version. Tommy’s Holiday Camp is live from an unknown source but appears to be from from TKAA/Kilburn era judging from the sound. I Am The Sea/The Real Me is a Who version I’ve never heard before. It’s a bit slower and the brass in the background is more prominent than on any known demo version, PT’s guitar parts are also played differently than on any known versions. One Life’s Enough is a RD “crooner” that could’ve well fit well with either of his solo LP’s ‘Daltrey’ or ‘One Of The Boys.'”

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Bootleg Bonanza: The Who – Live At The Young Vic 1971

Download MP3@320kps: Part I, Part II

The Who
The Young Vic
London, UK

Too Much Of Anything
Getting In Tune
Pinball Wizard
See Me, Feel Me
Baby, Don’t You Do It
My Generation
The Naked Eye
Boney Maronie
Won’t Get Fooled Again

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Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bridge School Benefit XIII – Neil Young, Emmylou Harris, The Who, James Iha & Billy Corgan, Lucinda Williams, Brian Wilson, Green Day, Pearl Jam, Sheryl Crow

Download Lossless FLAC, Megaupload: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
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Bridge School Benefit XIII
October 31 1999
All Acoustic Eventing
Shoreline Amphitheater
Mountain View, CA

SDB > satelite uplink intercept> CDR> eac> Flac
Except D5 T1 Pearl Jam AUD DAT>CDR>eac>CDR>SHN
Disc One

Neil Young:
101. I Am A Child
102. Good To See You
103. Daddy Went Walkin’
104. Emmylou Harris Introduction

EmmyLou Harris:
105. Prayer In Open D
106. All I Left Behind
107. The Pearl (“Hallelujah”)
108. Raise the Dead
109. Poncho & Lefty
110. From Boulder to Birmingham
111. Outro

Disc Two
The Who:

201. Intro
202. Substitute
203. I Can’t Explain
204. Pinball Wizard
205. Behind Blue Eyes
206. MaryAnne With the Shakey Hands
207. Boris The Spider
208. I Walk the Line/Ring of Fire Medley (J.Cash)
209. Who Are You
210. Won’t Get Fooled Again
211. The Kids Are Alright

Disc Three

James Iha & Billy Corgan
301. Summer
302. If There Is A God > Stay >
303. Ole 55
304. Age of Innocence
305. Glass & The Ghost Children
306. Glass & The Ghost Children
307. Disarm
308. Outro

309. Lucinda Williams Intro

Lucinda Williams
310. Jackson
311. Am I Too Blue
312. Concrete & Barbed Wire
313. Lake Charles
314. I Lost It
315. Greenville
316. Sweet Old World
317. Outro
Disc Four

Brian Wilson:
401. California Girls
403. In My Room
404. Do It Again
405. Add Some Music
406. Lay Down Burdon
407. God Only Knows
408. Please Let Me Wonder
409. Help Me Ronda
410. Good Vibrations
411. Surfn’ USA (w/ Neil Young)
412. Love & Mercy
413. Good Vibrations (w/ Neil, E Vedder, R Daltry, Emmylou Harris)
414. Outro

Green Day:
415. Green Day Intro
416. Geek Stink Breath
417. Hitchin’ A Ride
418. Warning
419. Longview
420. She
421. King For A Day
422. When I Come Around
423. Scattered
424. Time Of Your life

Disc Five
Pearl Jam:
501. Nothing As It Seems
502. Daughter
503. Wish List
504. Better Man
505. Off He Goes
506. Black
507. Last Kiss
508. Outro

509. Sheryl Crow Intro

Sheryl Crow
510. Mississippi (dylan)
511. Strong Enough (w/ Emmylou Harris)
512. Riverwide
513. Band Intro
514. A Change (would do you good)
515. The Difficult Kind
516. All I Wanna Do
517. Home
Disc Six
Neil Young:

601. Intro
602. Old King
603. Long May You Run
604. Sugar Mountain
605. Homegrown
606. Oh Mother Earth
607. Harvest Moon
608. Cortez The Killer
609. Old Man
610. Finale Intro
611. I Shall Be Released (all)

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