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Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Jerry Garcia Band – Hartford, CT (07/24/80)

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Jerry Garcia Band
Bushnell Auditorium
Hartford, CT

Download FLAC: Part I, Part II, Part III
Download MP3@320: File Factory

Source: Sony ECM280>D5>DAT>CDR>EAC>SHN Jim Wise master 10th Row Center.
Personnel: Jerry Garcia Band: Jerry Garcia, Ozzie Allers, Greg Errico, John Kahn.
Trivia: 1 day after Keith Godchaux’s death.

Disk 1–

Set I:

1. Sugaree
2. That’s What Love Will Make You Do
3. Friend Of The Devil
4. Simple Twist Of Fate
5. Tangled Up In Blue
6. I’ll Take A Melody

Disk 2–

Set I, Cont.

1. Sittin’ In Limbo,

Set II:

2. Russian Lullaby
3. Mystery Train
4. Mission In The Rain
5. Midnight Moonlight

6. Dear Prudence

SHNTOOL fixed version of originally seeded in 7/99
SHNTOOL fix performed in 12/2003 and was necessary to fix sbe problem on first and last tracks of each disk due to my selection of “remove padded zeros” option in early version of EAC (the zeros were added/padded during the cd’s burning in order to have these tracks end on sector boundaries)


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Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Lester Flatt and Nashville Grass NPR Tribute – various performances 1974 and 1978


Download FLAC Via MediaFire

NPR Tribute To Lester Flatt

Source:FM(NPR Folk Festival USA) > ? > cassette > Onkyo SE-U77 > wave > flac  ??

tested for sbe’s and aligned on sector boundaries, ffps’ & md5 created 2012-02-13


01. DJ opening
1978 Rocky Mountain Bluegrass Festival
Lester Flatt : guitar
Charlie Nixon : dobro
Blake Williams : banjo
Pete Corum : bass
Marty Stuart : mandolin, guitar
Tater Tate : fiddle
Curly Seckler : guitar
02. Durham’s Reel
03. ??
04. Foggy Mountain Breakdown
05. My Little Georgia Rose
06. Nothin’ To It
07. ??
08. Orange Blossom Special
09. Orange Blossom Special (reprise)
10. What Would You Give In Exchange For You Soul
11. Father’s Table Grace

12. DJ talking
13. KCFR’s Dave Hicks talking
14. DJ talking
15. Charlie Nixon talking

Martha White Show (recorded on 2/24 and 25/ 1974)
Lester Flatt : guitar
Paul Warren : fiddle
Kenny Ingram : banjo
Marty Stuart : mandolin
Charlie Nixon : dobro
Curly Seckler : guitar
Jack Hicks : bass
16. The Martha White Theme
17. ??
18. ??
19. Remember The Cross
20. Columbus Stockade Blues
21. The Martha White Theme

22. Lance ReRoy talking with KCFR’s Dave Hicks
23. DJ talking
24. Marty Steart talking

1978 Rocky Mountain Bluegrass Festival
25. The Bluebirds Singing For Me
26. Katy Hill
27. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
28. Salty Dog Blues
29. Rawhide
30. The Ballad Of Jed Clampett

31. Dave Hicks talking

1978 Rocky Mountain Bluegrass Festival
32. Moonlight On My Cabin
33. Doin’ My Time
34. Some Old Day
35. Black Mountain Rag

36. talking about Lester
37. Lester Flatt Tribute Song by The Bluegrass Cardinals
38. DJ ending

I’ve been tryting to track some actual dates for the Rocky Mountain Bluegrass Festival in Henderson Colorado 1978 but no luck so far – in any of you Midnite Cafe readers can give a hand, I would be greatly appreciative

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Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: PAUL RODGERS – Live Acoustic Soundboard Madrid, 2002 Flac

 DOWNLOAD at Rapid Share: 

Paul Rodgers (BOOTLEG SBD)
Live Acoustic Performance Soundboard
Recorded Madrid Spain May 8th 2002

01 – Alright Now
02 – Feel Like Makin Love
03 – Muddy Water Blues *
04 – Shooting Star
05 – Bad Company
06 – Seagull
*Grammy Nonimated Song From Paul Rodgers
Tribute Album to Muddy Waters 1995

FreeMorrison Notes:
Excellent Soundboard quality Bootleg almost like VH1 Story Tellers
with Paul speaking about the history of the acoustic songs perfromed here.
Probably the best Acoustic Soundboards Bootlegs I have ever listened to from any artist.
Lead singer for rock bands Bad Company and Free, and for the supergroup The Firm.
On his first solo album, 1983’s Cut Loose, he sang and played every instrument.
Perhaps testament to his vocal prowess, Paul Rodgers has led and been the front man for four separate bands:
Free (1968-1973), Bad Company (1974-1982), The Firm (a short-lived collaboration with Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page that lasted from 1984-1986) and ‘The Law’ (another short-lived band that only lasted for a year in 1991), And as of recent Queen. Out of these five bands, four of them had international success and acclaim.

Paul Rodgers
is known as “The Voice” in the Rock industry.

Thanks to original uploader “nitzcracker”
FreeMorrison Notes:
FFP, MD5, Original Info Text, Art by FreeMorrison, and auCDtect Reports included.

DOWNLOAD at Rapid Share: 

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Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison Stockholm SBD (07.19.08) Audio Stream Sveriges Radio P2 – Flac


Live At Stockholm Jazz Festival
Stora Scenen, Skeppsholmen, Stockholm
July 19th, 2008

Another soundboard collection featuring all but two songs from Van Morrison’s appearance at the Stockholm Jazz Festival (25th Edition).

This recording runs for 80 minutes and features “Fame”, “All Work And  No Play”, “Saint James Infirmary”, “Keep It Simple”, “That’s Entrainment”, “Vanlose Stairway”, “Fire In The Belly”, “In The Afternoon > Raincheck”, “Help Me”, “Comfortably Numb”, “Rough God Goes Riding”, “Behind The Ritual”, “Burning Ground”, “And The Healing Has Begun” & “Gloria”.

Captured from an internet audio stream (96 Kbit/s) from Sveriges Radio P2 website, these recordings have been carefully and skilfully compiled and edited to produce a seamless recording.

Thanks must go to those whose efforts in capturing, compiling and editing this recording enable so many others to enjoy music that would be lost to the air.
Captured audio stream (96 Kbit/s) from Sveriges Radio P2 website, P2 Live Jazz.


[missing] This Love Of Mine
[missing] Magic Time

01 Introduction > Fame
02 All Work And  No Play
03 Saint James Infirmary
04 Keep It Simple
05 That’s Entrainment
06 Vanlose Stairway
07 Fire In The Belly
08 In The Afternoon > Raincheck
09 Help Me
10 Comfortably Numb
11 Rough God Goes Riding
12 Behind The Ritual
13 Burning Ground
14 And The Healing Has Begun
15 Gloria

The Van Morrison Band:

Sarah Jory, steel guitar
John Platania, guitar
Paul Moore, bass
Paul Moran, keyboards, trumpet
Tony Fitzgibbon, fiddle
Bobby Ruggiero, percussions
Neil Wilkinson, drums
Katie Kissoon, background vocals
Vanessa Haynes, background vocals

Notes :The FLAC files are uploaded exactly as received.The exact lineage is unknown.
Despite the nature of the original source,,,,,,,,,,,,,
It is good to have another excellent sounding Sound Board Recording of a  Van Morrison Concert.
There is a FM broadcast recording that circulates but that is also missing:
“This Love Of Mine” and “Magic Time” and “Gloria”.
(Which is included here: “G.L.O.R.I.A. – Gloria, sing it everyday now”)

Notes From FreeMorrison:

This is one incredible show, the sound clarity is just a stunner!
It is one that I have gone to many times in the past when creating new compilations,
because of the excellent set list and as mentioned the awesome sound clarity, Much Respect to the Taper,
and my brillaint friend BTR for informing me about this new SBD several years ago.
Thanks BTR, this one has always remained a favorite that just can’t be topped.

Original Arts, FFP’s, MD5 and auCDtect Flac Reports included, all originals. As this is an incredible internet audio capture, some files did report MPEG source as they should have.

FreeMorrison January 23rd, 2012



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The Bootleg Nation Is Closed

Due to a variety of reasons I will no longer be writing anything for this site. I am also living in China these days and as such it is very difficult for me to even log into wordpress. Which means if your comments get trapped in moderation they will likely stay there, and even if they do get approved I won’t be able to comment on them.

I am writing for the Midnight Cafe and will periodically discuss bootlegs there. Come join me over there!

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How Fares the Bootleg Nation?

Obviously I have been neglecting this fair country. I’ve already mentioned the personal problems that have kept me from reviewing many bootlegs of late. Those things are still going and I have begun pondering the fate of this fair site.

You see I have this other blog which gets a very ecclectic bit of posting to it. My tastes range wildly and the blog reflects that. When I created this one it was due to me trying to create a bit of a niche market that, presumably might flourish better than a random one.

The thing is, in my downtime from this site, the other one has started to flourish. So the question begins to beg itself, why do I need this one?

I’m not yet ready to close shop completely. I hope to have some more things coming, and maybe relatively frequent. But I do invite you to visit Brewster’s Millions again while I ponder the fate of the Country.

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The Gmail Project

Since Google has graciously began giving out e-mail accounts with over 2 gigs of storage space I have concocted a plan to share the groovy tunes that I know I have, and I’m sure frequent readers of Brewster’s Millions share.

I’ve created a secret Gmail account in which those deemed worthy enough can begin sharing music via MP3s and other compressed forms.

The idea started backed when a bunch of blogging friends and I started talking about music. I realized that we all shared some common interests, but also often referenced bands that I had never heard of. Since music is insanely expensive, and some of the friend’s lived across the ocean it seemed difficult to enjoy these musilogical musings without going broke in the process. Thus the gmail thingy as we affectionately called it was born.

It worked like a charm. Now when one of us has a song we particularly dig, we throw it to the shared Gmail account. We can then download, listen, and if we dig it go out and purchase the album.

The process isn’t really to be the new Napster or Limewire service, but to share music we love. It’s also not about getting free music, but rather opening each other up to new sounds, which when dug, will bring us to new purchases.

So record industry types, if you come across this, please don’t despair. I have no need to start up a big music stealing business. Sure a few songs will be swapped, but in the end more music will be bough and your pockets will be lined.

If you dig the idea, and want to share the music, send me an e-mail at

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