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Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Vanilla Fudge – Rochester, NY (01/31/87)


Vanilla Fudge
Rochester Auditorium
Rochester, NY

Download FLAC: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

A big thanks to Jeff for this. If you are interested in the MP3 files leave a comment and I’ll see about getting those up. I know Jeff is interested in your feedback, so please if you download take the time to listen and come back with some comments.

1. She’s Not There
2. Take Me For a Little While
3. Quick Intro
4. Golden Age Dreams
5. Elanor Rigby
6. Shotgun (Tim Bogert)
7. Drums (Carmine Apice)
8. Intros
9. People Get Ready
10. Don’t Stop Now
11. Tim Bogert Bass Solo
12. You Keep Me Hanging On
13. Crowd Cheers
14. Paul Hanson Lead Solo
15. My World Is Empty Without You

Taped by Jeff (NorurTalkin)

Notes from the taper:
This is my 3rd try at digitizing & transferring one of my self recorded masters.It’s the 3rd of my “top 3” favorites,from the recordings I made mostly in the 80’s.Vanilla fudge,in their 2nd reunion.This is at the Rochester Auditorium,1.31.87. The sound is good, maybe very good,not great.the band is comprised of greatness.Mark Stein,keyboards & vocals (“extraordinare”),Carmine Appice,one the all time top drummers,Tim Bogert,one of the all time premiere bassist,these two also of “Cactus” & “Beck, Bogert & Appice fame, and the only non-original member, Paul Hansen, a great lead guitarist, who fully tears it up on this recording.

From their 1st albums,starting in ’66 or ’67, which had at least the 1st 3 when they came out,they were at the top of my favorite bands. I watched them on Ed Sullivan.Getting to see them live for the 1st time,even near 20 yrs after their inception,was a major thrill for me & as the tape reveals a few times,i just couldn’t contain my excitement to whoop it up & sing along, here & there. Sorry about that..this for me, was like a teenage girl getting to see the Beatles. Sometimes, i don’t know how I managed to tape these shows..

The sound is right there, maybe not fully up front, but decent presence. As far as i know, I was the sole taper of this show & this tape has never before been heard. The performance is no less than phenomenal,imho, at least on the old, classic numbers. I cannot help but have the sense that 3 or 4 of those original tunes are better performed than on the original albums,and while i have not heard much of Fudge boots, hard for me to imagine more epic performances of the tunes: “she’s not there”, “take me for a little while”, “elenor rigby”, which is so amazing it could very well be the hottest rendition, cover or not, of all time!, “shotgun”, “people get ready” and of course, “you keep me hanging on”. The opening 3 of 4 songs are mind blowing psychadelic versions of great, great tunes! I just hope the sound is good enough for listeners to really crank it. They just dont make music like this anymore. A fair measure of the greatness contained herein, is the fact they are still doing it to this day, nearly 50 yrs later, with the original performers, minus the great Tim Bogert.

Enjoy (hard not to) and i would very much appreciate your feedback on this show.

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